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TimeWellScheduled is a time and attendance software that focuses on enhancing workforce management capabilities of businesses through a fully tailored time and attendance solution. The TimeWellScheduled program can increase profitability, minimize payroll administration costs, improve employer productivity, lower time spent, and simplify employee scheduling and reporting processes.


1. Payroll – TimeWellSchedule allows users to export financial data in a single click of the mouse and seamlessly integrates with major payroll programs including MYOB, Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, ADP, Ceridian, Desjardin, and EasyPay.

2. Scheduling – The software focuses on helping businesses save time and money. The scheduling screen displays all data and alerts the user when specific requirements or needs are not being fulfilled.

3. Staff management– TimeWellScheduled provides easy staff management options. Users can quickly add employees, track employee performance, update personnel records, view the dashboard to monitor employees on a real-time basis, answer mails etc.

4. Security – A bank-level SSL encryption offers tight security with redundant data centres across the world. The application also provides hourly backups and automatic timeouts.

5. Project management – The project management capabilities offer project tracing (tracks employee times based on projects), equipment tracking (which equipment is being used on which project), and detailed reporting (how many hours are being spent on each project).

6. Mobile – TimeWellSchedules is a cloud-based software that allows access from anywhere.

7. Timeclock – The timeclock feature offers an effective replacement for the manual punch machines and timecards, and provides accurate reporting to date.

8. Punchclock – The versatile application allows employees to punch in/out with secure authentication. The software is compatible with simple employee code login systems, barcode readers, swipe cards, and advance biometric scanners.


  • TimeWellScheduled works with latest technologies that enable companies to stay up to date and on time. It integrates with computers, blackberries, smartphones, tablets etc., and can be used with thumbprint scanners, barcode readers and swipe card readers.
  • The software works with all major accounting payroll and software services. Therefore, businesses need not worry about purchasing or learning new accounting software.
  • Bank grade security ensures that all communication takes place over a secure connection. Users can access the application anytime, anywhere from work, home or mobiles.
  • The software offers an effective means of saving financial costs, typically about thousands a year for just over a penny an hour per employee.
  • Designed to be as intuitive as possible, TimeWellScheduled is easy to use and needs little up-front training.
  • The software is affordable, scalable and offered at low monthly charges. There are no up-front fees involved and users have to only pay for the number of users they need each month.
  • The cloud-based application enables instant usage without the need for additional software or hardware, thus providing a faster ROI.
  • While spreadsheets and manual time tracking systems can lead to errors, TimeWellScheduled provides an accurate and accountable solution for time and attendance management.

Bottom Line:

TimeWellScheduled is ultimately useful for HR professionals and business owners who want a more efficient means of scheduling employees, integrating with current payroll software, and ensuring attendance is being met. Taking into account the spectrum of benefits and features the application has to offer, businesses can leverage its capabilities to manage time and attendance of its employees in an effective manner.

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Today, when there are so many apps lying in front of you, people are more confused about what to install on their Smartphones especially the gaming apps. But, bubble shooter games can never be replaced by any other game. They will always be the choice of people who love playing shooting games. These games are full of fun and excitement till the end of each and every level. And the entertainment goes on as you reach other levels. So there is a new sensation in the market, which is a latest bubble shooting game called Magic marbles bubble shooter!

Now before we start playing the game, you should know about this exciting app a little more! Isn’t it?

So there is a story behind this amazing shooting game. Let me explain you what! There are some animals living in a faraway land and they are under attack! Once a heroic cat lived there, named Luna and it needs your help to defeat the evil wolves in this magical bubble shooting puzzle game.

There are more than 50 levels of this game with unique challenging obstacles. The main objective of playing this game is to pop as many marbles as you can and you can reach the heights in this bubble shooting puzzle game. You need to match 2 or more marbles to pop. Moreover, your task is to collect the marbles, defeat the wicked wolves and many more! You can unleash magical powers to help you pass tricky levels.

As you embark on this exciting journey of shooter game, you will see a lot of opportunities to grab. The fun level of the game will increase and it will double your curiosity to play again and again. It’s beyond a super-addictive gameplay. Seriously, once you get into the game, you’ll never stop yourself from playing it.

While playing the game, you will see some bouncy and reflective movements to tease your brain. This helps to sharpen your mind and improve your shooting skills. Aldo, you’ll be able to collect awesome rewards during the gameplay. The game is easy to play and seems challenging sometimes. But every challenge is a new beginning for you!

This magic marbles bubble shooter game has been developed by Elephant Jump Ltd. The app has been compatible with all the devices having the latest version if the Android Operating System. The graphics of the app are highly defined and it has a user-friendly interface.

The app easily sync the game between devices when it connects to the Internet! You can play alone as well as challenge your friends. The game is recommended for every age group, whether big or small. You can play this shooter game anytime, anywhere when you feel to play and when you’re getting bored. This app requires no WiFi connection. So you don’t need to spend a single penny on it.

Magic Marbles Bubble Shooter is completely free to play, but there are some in-app purchases which are optional. You can download the app from the Google Play Store now! So enjoy this amazing bubble shooter game by popping as many marbles as you can!

Have a nice time with playing Magic Marbles Bubble Shooter game!

PROS: 50+ levels; HD graphics; user-friendly interface; common goal to achieve; full of fun and entertainment; easy yet challenging; free to use. 

CONS: None.

I will give this app 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download for iosDownload for Android

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AR Maneki Neko is all about getting the best of fortune

AR Maneki Neko is all about getting the best of fortune

Want to know your fortune with an easy approach? Then AR Maneki Neko can be the best cup of coffee for you. Getting the good fortune is what everyone likes to have. There are different kinds of apps which are dealing with fortune activities and among them is AR Maneki Neko. This application is all about a Japanese Virtual cat which will tell you your fortune.


  • Cool graphics in this application
  • Realistic graphics for great experience
  • Various accessories
  • Supporting both ARKit and ARKit2
  • Availability of sharing option
  • Shop option for buying accessories

Using this application:

As I already mentioned that this application is all about telling the fortune, the Japanese virtual cat will tell you about your fortune. It will give you coins on the daily basis and you need to collect all the coins in order to redeem the result of good fortune. For this, you first need to tap on the box which will appear on the screen. After that, a cat will come out with a specific theme. Each user will get a different cat with a different theme like Warding off bad spirits, love, wealth and friendship. Each theme will be presented by a different cat which will convey a different message. In this way, you will get to know the specific message.

AR Maneki Neko is very cool app that I love to use. It is having all the features that make it ideal to use. Moreover, I would like to recommend this application to everyone.

Summary:  AR Maneki Neko is all about getting the good fortune. Different cats will come with different themes which will give a different message.

  • Features: 3.5
  • Usability: 4
  • Accessibility: 4
  • Graphics: 3.5

Worth Having App – Download for iosDeveloper Site

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4K Wallpaper HD Background: GIF Live Wallpapers

4K Wallpaper HD Background: GIF Live Wallpapers

Happy to say, if you’re passionate about new apps then 4K Wallpaper HD Background: GIF Live Wallpapers is one that is worth trying out. We think the developers did a splendid good job in terms of features. They are special app that has immense collection of 4k HD wallpapers as well as Full HD – High Definition wallpapers and home screen backgrounds. The users can efficaciously experience latest as well as top Quality 4K Wallpapers | Full HD Wallpapers and GIF images every day.

This app has a large tool for 4K Backgrounds / 4k wallpaper HD background: GIF Live Wallpapers. Generally it is a Wallpaper Store for user where they could adeptly experience best handpicked backgrounds and creative wallpapers. It is also illustrated that all images are high quality and different resolutions. They professionally support any device, including devices with large screens: 1080×1920 px (Full HD 1080p) and 2160×3840 px (Ultra HD 4K). The 4K Wallpaper HD Background: GIF Live Wallpapers application is so simple to use.

Choose among the many categories available to you namely as

  • Nature wallpaper, animal wallpaper, 3D balls wallpaper
  • Food wallpaper, Fast food wallpaper, car live wallpaper
  • Abstract, Anime, Celebrities, Fantasy
  • Aircrafts, Airplanes, Bokeh, Video Games, Cars and Motorcycle
  • Nature, Space, Galaxy, zedge wallpaper
  • Watercrafts, Ship, Music, Macro, Hi-Tech
  • Occean, Sea, Flowers, Material Design
  • Food, Drinks, Photography, Superheroes Wallpapers | Backgrounds

Along with other key aspects anime Gif wallpaper live images application is efficaciously created with nice anime Gif live realistic. The users can also come experience beautiful animated gif Love gif has I love you gif, Valentine Gif, images wallpaper Gifs Valentine Greetings Gif, Valentines wishes Gif, Valentine’s day gif, I love u gif. So it’s time for fun and adeptly spread the love with scintillating love gif, rose gif, bird gif, zedge wallpaper, flowers gif, food gif, gif wallpaper, anime gif live wallpaper.

Vital Features of 4K Wallpaper HD Background: GIF Live Wallpapers

  • HD Wallpapers and Gif live wallpaper – The users can easily download, save as favourites, share it, save to gallery by just pressing on button on your home screen icon
  • Simple fast and light -It strongly focuses on simplicity of the 4k wallpaper app, which offers great performance and battery efficient.
  • Can set background as Wallpaper and gif wallpaper – They can effectively set wallpaper in just one click. There is no need to hesitate to open gallery and find images.
  • Save as Favourites – All favourite backgrounds are placed under one roof which make it simple to view.
  • Share & Set As – The users can simply share ultra HD wallpaper backgrounds and gif live wallpaper with anyone with just one click.
  • Save to gallery -You can choose between 4K as well as Full HD version of Image and gif live wallpaper to save in your phone

Important Categories of 4K wallpaper and Gif wallpaper

  • Chocolate day wall paper / Background | Gif live wallpaper
  • Animals Wallpapers | Backgrounds | Gif live wallpaper
  • Anime Wallpapers | Backgrounds | Anime gif live wallpaper
  • Celebrities Wallpapers | Backgrounds
  • Earth wallpaper, Earth background
  • Fantasy Wallpapers | Backgrounds | Fantasy gif wallpaper
  • Flower wallpaper | Flower gif wallpaper
  • Red Rose wallpaper | Red rose gif wallpaper
  • Airplanes Wallpapers | Backgrounds
  • Video Games Wallpapers | Backgrounds
  • Cars and Motorcycle Wallpapers | Backgrounds
  • Nature Wallpapers | Backgrounds | Nature Gif live wallpaper
  • Sport wallpaper | Sport gif wallpaper
  • Architecture/City Wallpapers | Backgrounds
  • Waterfall live wallpaper / Beach live Wallpapers
  • Merry Christmas live Wallpapers | merry Christmas Gif live wallpaper
  • Flowers Wallpapers | Backgrounds
  • Photography Wallpapers | Backgrounds
  • Spiderman, marvel, batman, superman, superhero Wallpapers | Backgrounds

Eventually the passionate users can come across full collection of 4K Wallpaper HD Background: GIF Live Wallpapers which are of high quality with resolution 1920×1080. It is possible to find thousands of free 4k wallpapers or live HD wallpapers and Gif live wallpaper with 3d and dynamic visual tape effect to specially customize your phone. If you’re fan of Wallpaper HD Background and GIF in general, then this special app is one that users must check out. This app offers a nice variety to the users that they actually find in Play Stores.


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A Comprehensive Review Of Hygger Web app – Why It Is So Popular

A Comprehensive Review Of Hygger Web app – Why It Is So Popular is considered to be a competent project management software that is being used by lots of fast-growing businesses at present. In fact, the innovative features offered by the application depict the amount of effort that was made by the developer in creating the product. At present, this robust application enables many companies to deliver projects quickly as well as efficiently.

As a matter of fact, Hygger aids significantly in the management of projects, organizing project dashboards, progress as well as time monitoring, and so on. It can boast of offering almost everything that might be needed by a team to make further inroads with the project. Although you will come across several other competent apps including Trello, Wrike, Asana, Basecamp, and Smartshee, none can beat Hygger when it comes to the features offered.

Why Is Hygger The Best Choice?

1. Hygger is considered to be a comprehensive tool for virtually every team out there. Anyone including programmers plus marketing and sales managers will simply adore this astounding app.

2. The app can boast of having fantastic project visibility as well. Thus, it will be feasible for you to get a panoramic view of every single task plus project.

3. Hygger is a combination of simplicity along with advanced functionality. Although it is an uncomplicated app like Trello, it will be able to take care of complex projects such as JIRA.

4. The application offers a free trial version which you can try without any risk whatsoever.

Key Features:

1. One can effortlessly manage everything in a single place including creating project boards, appending tasks and also regulating them throughout the release cycle.

2. It will be feasible for the users to maintain high accountability, assign the members of the team, create checklists with proper due dates, monitor their progress and so forth.

3. One can likewise track the overall performance of the project while getting a comprehensive perception of the project in progress, work logs of the employees as well as overdue tasks.

4. The innovative Hygger inbox will provide you with all the essential info as well as important updates.

5. Users will be able to stay away from any communication slip and also organize the conversation by making use of threads as well as references in comments.

The Pros:

1. Provides the facility of managing, organizing and prioritizing cards.

2. Presence of multiple boards will enable the user to customize the participants.

3. Quite fast.

The Cons:

1. Apps for iPad and iPhone should have been included.

2. Excessive time is required for dragging cards on the board using the mouse.

3. Doesn’t offer the data functionality reporting.

4. Should have been able to integrate with a tool similar to the Wiki.

Final Verdict:

Thus it is now apparent from the above discussion that Hygger will not disappoint you when it comes to managing projects. In fact, it can boast of having virtually everything so as to satisfy the needs of the user. Moreover, being quite different from the other similar apps out there, Hygger will guarantee you of providing a completely different experience out there.

Worth Having WebApp – Try Web VersionTry Android Version

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WaveStation, a new local and global music platform for aspiring artists

WaveStation, a new local and global music platform for aspiring artists

WaveStation is perfect for aspiring artists that need a new platform to grow on – which is a huge differentiator for the app. Unlike the most popular music app, Spotify, you can upload an album, and promote it globally with WaveTokens, which is a type of digital currency you can purchase in-app to “boost” your music to listeners.

On the app, artists can easily create events/concerts and promote it to a completely new but relevant audience. Instagram is great for concert pictures, Soundcloud is great for hosting music, and Facebook is so-so for finding new local artists to watch in-person, but again, there are few apps that actually give users a chance to showcase new albums to niche audiences at scale.

Also, the app is a killer way to find local concerts if you’re just a music appreciator. A lot of the rappers featured are up and coming so tickets are cheap and the scene is more chill. It’s also great to have if you want to monetarily support indie artists.

If you’re interested in checking out the next big music app, WaveStation is available to download on the App Store.

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Blow Boredom Away with the Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away Game By: Erin Konrad

Blow Boredom Away with the Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away Game By: Erin Konrad

Feeling bored is the worst. Whether you’re stuck in line, in a waiting room, or just sitting at home, being bored can feel like torture. Luckily, there’s a game called Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away that will instantly entertain you! This app lets you get immersed in the action of hitting targets so that you’ll immediately forget about feeling blah. Instead of sitting around twiddling your thumbs, you can put your skills to the test with this fun game.

Head to the iTunes Store or Google Play to download the free app. It’s fast and easy to get started, so your boredom will be diminished quickly! The goal of the game is to use your avatar (which can be a Giant, Zombie, Golem, Santa, or Robot) to hit the targets that appear on your screen. These targets can be a variety of flying objects, including meteors, missiles, space worms, and UFOs. When the target hits another object (such as a pelican, space turtle, or space stingray), rubies will appear. These jewels can give you extra bonus points to add to your score. Every round will allow you to see your score grow, and the constant gameplay will definitely have you forgetting all about your boredom

The Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away game, developed by Gameday Inc., will have you drawn into the action right from the start. The 3D graphics are colorful and vivid, so you’ll feel like you’re right in the thick of it, swatting at targets right and left. The sound effects also add a silly, light-hearted tone to the game. And because you can keep improving your score with each round, the game will keep you from losing interest as you progress. Each level offers more challenges, so even though the gameplay might seem simple at first, there are plenty of other obstacles in later levels.

Although you won’t get bored playing Angry Baba: Hit and Far Away, there is a chance that you might get frustrated by all of the advertisements. There are banner ads that pop up on the bottom of the screen while you game, and video ads that interrupt your play between rounds. Also, if you want full access to all of the game’s features and points, you’ll need to make some in-app purchases. If you’re not expecting to have to shell out dough, this can be a turnoff. However, you might be content just playing the easiest levels in an attempt to pass the time without having to pay extra.

Make sure boredom is a thing of the past when you download the Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away game today!


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Scuba Calendar is the most comprehensive planning tool for divers on the App Store!

Scuba Calendar is the most comprehensive planning tool for divers on the App Store!

The key to a great diving trip is planning and preparation – what wildlife do you want to see? Where and when is best to visit? Are there any local diving regulations you should be aware of? Scuba Calendar is the most comprehensive planning tool and information resource available – you can download it on iOS right now.

With information on 30 types of wildlife in 400 locations across 70 countries, Scuba Calendar helps you plan your trip based on what animals you’d like to see and when you plan on visiting. It’ll give you recommendations on where and when to visit. You’ll also be able see interesting facts about each animal and its status under the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and its classification under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

Besides information about the wildlife, Scuba Calendar arms you with valuable information about local diving regulations, environment sustainability recommendations and typical weather conditions for that time of year. You’ll be able to access all of the information you need in one handy app.

You can make it a trip to remember – literally! It’s possible to record and document your sightings and observations while on your trip. You can choose whether to keep it private or share it with the diving community. What’s more, you can see what other divers have shared to give you an even better idea of what to expect when visiting a particular area.

Scuba Calendar is highly useful tool for divers going on their next adventure. From the planning phase to recording the amazing things you see & sharing them with other enthusiasts, Scuba Calendar makes it easy.

Available to download now on iOS.

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98 Cents, start giving back little by little, today!

98 Cents, start giving back little by little, today!

98 Cents makes it almost painless to give back to charity. It’s very easy to use and you can donate to different causes that matter to you. The progress bar is also a great feature that allows you to see how close the charity, or individual, is to reaching their goal.

You can actually track and see your donation making a difference in someone’s life. The money doesn’t just go to an organization and disappear. It’s much more personal and convenient for both the person downloading and the person receiving the funds.

The app allows you to give 98 cents, or even more at a time, but the giving part is a lot more seamless compared to giving online – which can be a lengthy process. Signing up is quick and setting up your credit card information is too. Also, 98 cents only takes a small unavoidable processing fee, which is nice to see.

Download now on Google Play or visit for more information.


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Introducing MyObits, a modern day solution to publishing obituaries!

Introducing MyObits, a modern day solution to publishing obituaries!

Myobits, available to download on iOS and Google Play, is a must have for anyone that just lost a loved one. The app is a one stop shop for any planning needs. It offers functionality you can’t find elsewhere. You can draft and publish an obituary in the app itself and seamlessly distribute it across channels – social media and email for example.

Not everyone reads the newspaper anymore, so you risk loved ones not finding out about a passing. Myobits almost ensures that everyone who needs to know about the loss, will know. An ethical concern some might have about the app is its monetization method, but Myobits promises to remain ad-free forever.

Myobits is much needed in our digital era, and it delivers on everything it says it will do. The team behind the app is comprised of industry veterans that understand every pain-point a user might have, which makes for a very stress-free experience. Everything you need, including information on the service, gifting options, & sharing options is easily found on the minimalistic app – making it easy for anyone, regardless of technical experience, to use.

Worth Having App – Download for iosFor Android

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Free MILF Dating App

Free MILF Dating App

It is noted that users have been hearing lot from the reputed app developer’s conference held recently and checked out number of quality upcoming dating apps, users are in the zeal mood for some reputed dating apps more than ever before. One that particularly attracted was Free MILF Dating App because of the best salient features.

Free MILF Dating Apps are becoming special in-thing. Users had to log in to dating sites directly and could go easily through the many MILF apps to get one that adeptly serves your requirements. People go for searching with Milf dating app, free Milf dating app, Milf dating, Milf app and milf dating app for free.

Given Below are the best free MILF dating apps on iPhone & Android.

This site has a 14-year history of helping older women meet young men and vice versa. Their best key features make it stand out from the rest. Also the matchmaking process on this free MILF app is hassle-free. It is a good dating service for older women, OlderWomenDating is a judgment-free space where you could immensely express your desires and find others who feel the same. With this app one can search through profiles, and communicate in many ways.

With good number of people are widely using UpForIt to get no strings attached hook-ups. Due to familiarity this MILF app has attracted millions of users from across the globe. Here, one can meet men or women of all ages. It simply takes you a few minutes to sign in and get started.

One of the key reasons for the removal of all global boundaries from the dating scene is the use of an app like IAmNaughty. It has persuasive features that users wouldn’t find on any other MILF app. One can duly sign up and will be able to find matches with little or no effort.


Mostly few free MILF apps have succeeded in their match-making business like Tinder. It could be expediently attributed to its simplicity and partnership with Facebook. They have massively reached people in more than 190 countries and to match-up more than 10 billion couples.

Few MILF apps have been largely successful in connecting older women with younger men and vice versa. has over 7 million users, which means that getting a perfect match is highly-likely. The top thing about it is that the sign-up is free of charge.

Are young men searching for cougars for dating and love? Are you a cougar searching for a perfect guy for you? Then the best thing to do is to join this dating app. It would be the best choice for finding your partners.

How to Prepare For A MILF Dating Party?

For users when it comes to a happening date party there are major steps that should be performed in order to guarantee that they are well-prepared for an adventurous date game.

  • Top Dress to Impress
  • Good Focus on Introduction
  • Should Carry an Admirable Personality
  • Have top Fun and Stay Positive

How to Flirt with a MILF on MILF Dating App?

  • Follow the good art of Flirting with MILF on online dating app
  • Have attractive pictures that depict your personality
  • Better to Remain friendly
  • Never over think and love the simple approach
  • Should not be too fast and get to know her, later move ahead
  • Don’t ever underestimate the importance of teasing

Valid Points to Consider For a Naughty Flirt with MILF

  • Actively Shower her with good Compliments
  • Illustrate power of Intelligent Conversations
  • Good to Be a Student to MILF
  • Make Her Laugh
  • Keep Things Going
  • Use salient Features of Dating App

How to Hook-up with a MILF on Dating Apps for Free?

  • Should Follow good tips to meet compatible MILF on dating apps
  • Try to Be Yourself
  • Build a Strong Profile – Profile Photograph, Proper Bio and Compatibility Test
  • You can Engage in Stimulating Conversation
  • One must Understand she is looking for you
  • Listen to Her Talks
  • Better to Heat up the Sexuality
  • You can Invite her on a Date

Finally users think that this is absolutely fun and interesting enough with salient features that it actually keeps coming back for more.


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