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Ubirimi : Project Management Simplified

Ubirimi : Project Management Simplified

A manager plays a central role in a company. He ensures that the flow of work is smooth and that each employee works to the bets of his abilities, while also keeping his boundaries in mind. The task is not as easy as it sounds indeed. Coordinating a team of about five people and making sure that you follow everyone and have them work under you to produce best results is quite trying. To help manag... Read More »

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5.0 – Project and Finance Management Software – Project and Finance Management Software

WorkBook is an app designed to serve the purposes of all business concerns that are operating on a large or small scale in the field of project management and financial management. It is considered to be useful for various professional services as well, which includes services of Consultancy, Advertising, and Communication. Many large businesses that deal with huge financial budgets and high profi... Read More » – Efficient Project and Contact Management – Efficient Project and Contact Management

If you would like to do your job in a unique way, you probably haven’t considered using technology to agilize processes.  Apollo HQ is a web application developed to help you out on project and contact management.  One of the first things that caught my attention was their webpage layout, which literally has to do with the application’s name.  Web applications have been made to skip the routine an... Read More »