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Tired of the awful lawyers in your area? Have no idea which lawyer is specialized to your needs? Since you deserve someone that defends your rights without having to drive long distances, I Seek Law provides you with a list of 15 random lawyers or you can search by certain criteria, providing you with up to date information fast and on the go while you are on your iPad, iPod or iPhone. This application saves you time and money that you spend while looking through law websites and contacting them to see if they can help you. Most users have rated this application five stars because of the ability to find the lawyers they want in minutes. This application is easy to use, and it takes you step by step through the search criteria, matching you up to the best lawyers.

Once you give your location to the application, it provides you with more than 25 categories of specialized law firms. Whether you have bankruptcy, business, criminal, dwi or dui, family, employment, immigration, military law, personal injury, social security and speeding or traffic tickets among others, I seek law provides accurate results for those who seek help. If you do not want to search by location, you can search your lawyer by age, gender, or name if you feel more comfortable with these details. I Seek Law adapts to your needs, allowing you to search by awards, highest case settled out of court, rates and other services such as pro bono work and free consultations.

Searching by media appearances also makes it easier for you to find the lawyer that you need, it may be expensive, but you at least know the lawyer. Also, if you have bookmarked lawyers, you can store their information right on your iOS device such as email, numbers, law firm name, rates and other details which make it easier to look for the lawyer later on for referrals to your friends or family members. You can also check out the languages and the expertise areas which may not appear in your search. So if you look up your lawyer for divorce settlements, you may find out that he is also an experienced criminal lawyer through this application.

So on the Press Releases tab, you can find out new lawyers that have subscribed to I Seek Law along with descriptions of their work areas as well as news or information on certain cases. You can share the news with an email as quick as a tap on the envelope icon right on the bottom of the post. This makes it easier for you to share and consult with your lawyers quickly, so keep up with the press releases for up to date information. The blog posts are also interesting to look at for further reference and you can look at them with the same categories as you find your lawyers with I Seek Law.

You can change your location on this application at any time as well as the expertise area for your search on lawyers. I Seek Law is a free application so it is very handy to have on your iOS device even if you do not need it because you may need a lawyer sometime, even for traffic stops. If you work in an environment where people are constantly asking you for a lawyer, then you can have that quick reference instead of looking online or just recommend this free app if the person does have an iPhone, an iPod or an iPad.

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