Baking Life – Time Management Game in Facebook

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Beatrice gets you started on your way to becoming a baker. Start a new recipe by buying baking recipes at the Baking Life recipe store. Use the oven to start baking by adding the first ingredients. Don’t leave your cake or muffins in the oven too long or they will burn and your cashier will not be able to sell them. Watch as customers enter your bakery and buy your tasty goods. If you know anything about a regular bakery, then you know you need more than one oven to become the best neighborhood baker. Baking Life asks you to buy new gas lines and new ovens to bake more goods and make more money.

When Baking Life tutorial ends you can decorate your bakery, keep baking and selling, and become a successful bakery. Are you ready? Sure you are!

Beatrice gives you her book of bakery goals that she used to become a professional baker. Of course this is your missions book that will win you rewards get you to next levels in Baking Life.

Don’t forget to clean your ovens. No one likes to buy cup cakes from a dirty bakery. Eventually, your display cases will be so full of baked goods that you won’t have any where to put new goods. You can buy more display cases, but they will run expensive. If you have baked items in the oven you need to display, you will either have to discard them or pick a baked item already in a display case and discard it. And no, you cannot eat the baked goods yourself.

Some customers like coffee. You can build a coffee machine that will increase your prices and hype. Building a coffee machines cost lots of K coins (which are gotten through Facebook credits). If you do not have enough K coins, you can ask friends to donate coffee items such as coffee pots and cups.

Baking Life takes lots of patients; customers will come to your store little by little until your hype increases. You can increase your hype by adding decorations to your Bakery. Many items in Baking Life are very expensive. One chair will cost your 8000 coins, yet many of your first selling items will only sell for no more than fourteen coins. This is weird as we all know most chairs in real life don’t cost $8000. But in real life, bakers must have patients. If you can’t be a baker in real life, Baking Life is a great substitute.

Play Baking Life on Facebook and share your reviews as comments.


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