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The objective of Dino Balls is simple: make all the colorful balls disappear before they get to the dinosaur egg. Your little green dinosaur sits in the middle of a pit. He holds a ball of random color. Multiple balls begin to roll around him in a spiral. Those are the balls you need to hit. Each ball has a particular color. Some times, balls of the same color will role next to each other. If you see one or two balls of the same color rolling next to each other, and the ball your dinosaur holds is that same color, throw your ball. If you match three of the same color balls, they will disappear and you will gain points.

Some balls are special. If you see a spiral arrow symbol on your ball, that ball (if hit) will make all the balls roll backwards giving you more time to make them all disappear. Some special balls with also stop the entire line in its tracks; this gives you an opportunity to hits as many balls before the line starts moving again. That is how you gain points in Dino Balls. But you must have a fast eye and a fast mouse to win Dino Balls as the balls with roll even faster as you progress to higher stages.

There are over thirty stages to complete. You only have three lives in Dino Balls; you get one extra life every thirty minutes.

Though Dino Balls has no story, no leveling up by experience, no one to train, and no to city to build it is still a great app. Dino Balls is simple and only has one goal: to get at high score by making all the balls disappear before they reach the dinosaur egg. Even though Dino Balls is simple, it is a very challenging app that gets harder when you move to new levels.

The issue with Dino Balls is that lives replenish too slow and you have to use real money if you want to buy more. If you play Dino Balls, you will want to quickly get back into action. Waiting thirty minutes for a new life is just too long. But this means you will have to polish your skill and lose as little lives as possible. This way you will score more points and become the Dino Balls champion.

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