Civilization War – Addictive Ancient iOS Game

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Transport yourself to the ancient times where war was a matter of decades if it needed to be and where combat and strategy skills were very desirable among generals.  You can choose and create your own armies where you can harness their strength and minimize their weaknesses by planning their every move in advance.  This game is very similar to those you may have found interesting these days like Command and Conquer or Halo Wars to name a few.  The objective is to gain experience with each fight and obtain runes to change your army’s skills and assets.

These assets can be a double sided knife because they might be useful for certain battles.  For example, if you only focus on your strength, you may be easily defeated because you don’t have adequate equipment or defense skills for your army and you may not be using your strategy skills to get rid of the opposing army before they kill you.  What is interesting about this game is that you can make the map easier or harder to navigate and you choose your difficulty.

As you start to play the game on the chosen map, you and your opponent have the same controlled buildings and you have to take over the neutral buildings if you want a chance to defeat your enemy.  Now if you want to explore the cons of this application, you could actually notice without the aid of this review.  Whether you have played the game or not, you know that the font may be hard to read sometimes and players often wish that there was a zoom feature available.

You can choose between 15 countries to play on and you can challenge other real players to a war.  One of the great things about this game is that you can recruit allies to make your army stronger as well.  This makes the game a lot more interesting because it is a free download and it can keep you hooked for hours.  Of course, like any other free app, this application has additional hero points for a certain price tag.  These points will be used for unique items that will give you an advantage in the game and price varies with the amount of hero points you buy.

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