Death Rider – iOS Game for Racers with 3D Graphics

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If you remember the movie Death Race, then you definitely know what Death Rider is all about.  For those who don’t know about the movie, Death Rider is an application based on a race to the death.  You have your own car with customizable weapons which you can use to get your opponents off the racetrack, permanently.  Now remember that your opponents can do the same thing to you, so you have to be careful as well while you try to make first place.

You have the option to tilt your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and you can use the steering wheel provided in the game as well.  Tilting an iPad can be kind of dangerous if you’re into the game and you accidentally drop it.  The game comes with a variety of cars to choose from, whether you like trucks or speedy cars doesn’t matter because all you need to do is survive.  You can choose from over 10 cars equipped with RPGs, heat seekers and other devices that can easily blow up even the toughest cars or trucks.

The graphics are pretty sweet since they’re 3Dish and the explosions are pretty impressive for the price of the application.   The replay value is high on this game because everyone loves a racing game and this game has the additional option to get rid of your opponents once and for all.  Users have easily rated the game 4 stars which is better than most free games out there.  Recent users have given it 4 and 5 stars because they want a multiplayer feature which is possible in the next few updates.

In order to upgrade your weapons and equipment to your car, you will need coins.  How do you win coins?  Different tracks have great coin prizes and you can easily obtain coins through the iTunes App Store.  Different prices are available for a certain amount of coins, so you can pay from 99 cents to 5 dollars for the amount of coins you need.  The game is absolutely free to play and you can get free coins by winning races there as well, so look out for this app and other updates.

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