Fling a Thing – Addictive, Entertaining and Charming iOS Game

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If you’re looking for a game in which you have cute animals and combine skills to get things done, you have come to the right place.  Fling a thing is an application where you have a crazy and cute critter that needs your help.  The creature must eat as many bubbles as possible, but you have to fling it through the air to get there.  It may sound easy at first but, as the levels increase, you have many obstacles and challenges to take to get to those bubbles.

You have up to 5 different “things” to choose from and users often compliment the graphics of the game because they are better than you would expect from this game.  If you could compare the mechanics of this game, it would be similar to Angry Birds because of the slingshot feature.  The only difference between these two games is that Fling a thing consists of shooting the creature upwards instead of sideways.

With up to three worlds to explore, you have many different levels in each one where you can test your skills.  To make this game even more of a challenge, developers have put a limited amount of shots per level, which makes it even harder to get a high score.  You need a lot of precision in order to gain more experience and new items as you start flinging the things into the bubbles.

As far as replay value goes, this game is high on the scale because it has short levels which can be played while you’re waiting for an appointment, class or even while taking a break at work.  You can beat your high score and challenge your friends as well.  The game can be played by just about anyone and it can make a difference in your life if you have to get something done and the kids are bored and tired of the same games.

The application has been rated 3.5 stars, but recent users have given it five stars because of the graphics and because the game is just fun to play.  The application is free to play and you have the option to purchase unique upgrades by making purchases from the iTunes App Store.  The price ranges are great for any pocket and, since the game is free, they are pretty much a fair deal.

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