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If you love mixing up elements, then Alchemy may be your calling. Compared to other applications, Alchemy is one of the top applications because of the price and the features. You can view the things you make while you mix four basic elements on your Android Device. You can discover up to 300 new elements such as vampires, skyscrapers, a life, beer and many interesting things. Users have given this application 4.7 star because it is an addictive game where you can put your knowledge to the test. You can take this mind blowing game anywhere on your Android device. There are three hundred and eighty elements that need to be discovered, so getting through the whole game will take quite a while. One user reported using it for two hours straight and having 89 combinations. Can you beat this record?

As far as difficulty goes, users often find it hard to come up with new elements once they reach one hundred, yet they say that the application has them hooked. There is a premium version of alchemy which is worth $3.95, the only difference between these two is that the premium version has absolutely no ads and an undo button, which you can conveniently use to develop new elements faster. With over one hundred and eighty thousand reviews, Alchemy stands as one of the top applications of its kind. If you need a little help on combinations, make sure to look really hard into the reviews and you may find some clues.

With alchemy, you can develop your creative skills as well as your kid’s if they get the hang of the application. Although the developer’s website couldn’t be accessed, the game seems to be running fine since there are no bugs reported in the latest reviews. As far as updates go, the application hasn’t seen an update since July 2011, so everything must be running fine as well. You know this is one of the top applications on the market when you look for Alchemy and you find the free version on the top three results and the premium on the top five.

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