Paradise Island – Android Game to Build Your Empire

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Ever wanted to play a game on a tropical island? If you’ve ever played The Sims and liked it, now it’s your chance to try out Paradise Island. Paradise island provides hours of fun while building your empire for hungry tourists to visit your place. Build your empire on beach front businesses as well as attractions. As with real buildings, they all need maintenance and they need you to cash in on their daily profits. The point of the game is to make the most money out of the existing buildings as well as the new ones. How do you expand your empire? Just start by buying more land or beaches to have them all fit.

With almost half a million reviews, you pretty much have enough to know about the popularity as well as the 4.6 star rating. What makes this game interesting is that it keeps going even if you’re not online. It includes more than 130 awards or achievements and awards given to dedicated users. You are allowed to have your friends as neighbors and visit their lands. There is no need to have an internet connection to play the game but it is necessary sometimes if you want to take advantage of certain features.

Free games tend to have annoying ads that can be pretty annoying so Paradise Island is completely ad free to increase your gaming experience. The game is completely free and there isn’t a full version that you have to pay for, which makes this a great addition to your collection if you like these build-your-own empire games. The best part about this game is the satisfaction you get once you have a great city that looks beautiful and makes a bunch of money.

This game is great for kids because they can stick to it for hours if you have them over at work for the rest of the day or if you have an important meeting. You can also follow other player’s findings at the Facebook community page. Feel free to add new neighbors there as well, all you need is your unique code which you can share on the Facebook page and with your friends.

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