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What would you do without Astro? Astro is an application that allows you to look for certain files inside your phone’s memory and your SD card. It allows you to go through every folder and move, delete or view files that you may not even be seeing on your Android device itself. Astro includes a File Manager, a Task Killer and application backup in case you would want to wipe your phone. The task killer allows you to increase your phone’s performance and speed when you aren’t using the applications.

You are also able to copy files into other folders and zip them if they take up too much space or for sending them through email. You can also share these files via Bluetooth, allowing your friend to receive your application instantly and install it quickly. The same goes for uninstalling programs because it isn’t the same to delete the download data or the shortcut than to uninstall the application from your phone to free up space.

If you want to move your application to an SD card, you are able to do so when you look into the applications folder. Moving an application to an SD card allows your phone to improve performance because the factory memory is less dense. All files will be moved to the SD card and you will not notice the difference on your Android device.

Certain open processes tend to waste battery life as well, which is another reason to have Astro’s task killer. The task killer allows you to choose which applications you really want to close and you will notice that, if you had a lot of applications running, your phone is much faster than it was. It is also necessary to keep an eye on the applications that are still open because some of them use your locations. The Application Backup allows you to keep your applications on your SD card while you reset your phone, so that you don’t have to install them all over again. Astro offers a full version that has no ads for $3.99 which is a decent price for all the features you have.

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