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Want to know what’s so great about Skitch? Skitch may look great, but it is even better than what you expect because it allows you to edit an image on your Android device without having to use Photoshop or other expensive photo editing services. It also allows you to save and share your masterpieces free. You can choose to either take a picture from your library or shoot one and edit it at the moment with your Skitch application. You can post words, arrows and even shape things inside the picture to create something unique.

Once you have chosen the best look for the picture, you can then Share it through Facebook, Twitter or Evernote, which is behind this photo editing application for Android devices. If you want to put directions on a map, no problem, just draw the arrows with shapes or by free hand and point the arrows in the right direction. You can also draw on top of a picture of your least favorite teacher in order to get over classroom drama. You can also use Skitch to remember names as you start to meet people in order to remember who was at that party and who was missing.

The zoom in and out function is useful because you may want to draw more words over a certain area that needs to be zoomed in. You are also able to edit the picture, the colors, brightness, contrast and many other things in between that are important. The application has a median of 4.2, yet the reviews are mostly 4 to 5 stars. There is a certain amount of three star reviews and one user states that the application needs to have unique aspects for it to be a long time application.

If you want to post in a blog on how to do certain things, you can use Skitch to describe every step by using drawings, arrows, words and other ways to label each step. All you need is a screenshot or a  picture of the process and you’re on your way. Overall, the app does look great, but the real challenge that the developers have is to keep users interested.

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