Vlingo – Voice Powered Virtual Assistant on Android

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Ever wanted to have a Siri on your Android phone? Vlingo is your personal assistant when it comes to making calls to certain people, texting them to know that you’re on your way, suggesting businesses, directions to your favorite restaurant and many options that you can’t do while driving or busy. The first thing you find is a cool looking menu which has shortcuts to SMS, calls, places to go, searches and many other things that you can do on your own while you’re not busy.

When you’re actually busy, you can choose to Speak It to Vlingo and he will make it happen. Once you tap on each option on your menu, you get examples on what you can say to Vlingo for him to understand what you want him to do. You can either speak to him from the menu or you can go into the shortcuts to speak to him as well, which makes it hassle free once you’re driving. For example, if you have your Mom on your phone and you want to tell her you’re running late, you can tell Vlingo: “Text Mom: I’ll be running late” and Vlingo will choose your Mom from your contacts, if she appears as “Mom”, and type your message.

With one tap, you can either choose to text or email your mom, friends or partner, making it easy to manage and will keep you accident free on the road. This application has almost thirty thousand reviews and the median is 4.3 out of 5 stars. People often comment that this personal assistant is similar to the iPhone. Another recent review complains that the application has him looking at the screen every single time.

Vlingo is not for everyone and anyone can have their own opinion. The important thing is that Vlingo is free to download, free to use and it has a panel available for when you are driving. The panel includes only four shortcuts: Navigation, Calling, Texting and Safe Reader, which limits the time where you will be looking at your screen. So if you really believe that iPhones are unique because of Siri, then you can show the Apple fanboys that you can have it too.

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