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The scope of customization is high with an Android device as there are more than 370,000 apps available in the Android Market. However, still a very few of them are good enough to drop your jaw. Today I had a chance to come across one interesting app called BuddyCon.

BuddyCon comes loaded with interesting avatars and animations to let users customize their favorite contacts such as friends and family members. To add a bit of spice, users can create some hilarious avatars of their own. To take fun to the next level, it also allows them to pick clothes for these avatars. These interesting avatars will be displayed while making and receiving calls and they can also be placed in the built-in games to make things a bit more interesting.

Let me list some of its interesting features:

  • Loaded with hilarious and adorable avatars
  • Avatars can be fixed or moved around the screen
  • Themes and backgrounds can be customized for the avatars
  • Convenient way to make a call (without dialing the number)
  • Managing contacts would become easier than ever
  • Seeing avatars for callers is a real fun..:)

One great thing about using avatars is that it enables users to get it touch with the contacts quickly – just double-click on the avatar to make a call. One can’t imagine it to get simpler than this and this is a great news for older people as they don’t have to search for the numbers to make a call. If users like these avatars, they can share it with their Facebook friends and other BuddyCon users.

To be honest, I think users need to try this app to see how exciting the ‘BuddyCon experience’ is. This app needs Android 2.2 or higher.

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