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If you’re always forgetful and you would like to have that little inner voice reminding you of your appointments, dates, anniversaries or any other important event that you tend to forget, you need to use Remindeo.  Remindeo is a web application, designed with you in mind, to remind you through email and text.  The best thing about Remindeo is that, no matter where you are in the world, Remindeo still works for you if you have your phone with you.  Whether you have service or not, if you connect to a wifi hotspot, you will always be able to see your reminders.

In order to get your reminders, you need to set up your account.  Signing up is easy and it requires absolutely no credit card information.  Just write down your name, last name, email address, desired password and your time zone so that the application can let you know about your things to do at the appropriate time.  With the new things that come with Remindeo in 2012, there are reminders and notes application for your iPhone.

Whether you have your cookbook recipes or your reminders, you no longer need to connect to a hotspot to get all your reminders at once.  Use the application download provided on and enjoy the benefits of setting up reminders, plan ahead with your calendar and see future events.  You don’t need the application to remind you of the things last minute, since you can check the application daily and plan ahead as soon as you remember to type something into the Remindeo app.  This application also works for Android as well as Blackberry platforms, so any phone or device should be able to run Remindeo.

If you have a group project, a secret surprise party or if you’re just hosting any kind of event, you can remind yourself as well as your friends through text message.  With this feature, you don’t need to worry about anything once you set-up the reminder beforehand on Remindeo.  You can even set up the exact time that everyone is going to receive their text.  Therefore, nobody can complain that they never received the text if everyone got the same text at the same time.  With service available in over one hundred and eighty countries and on more than four hundred networks, Remindeo seeks to be the number one application for reminders.

You also get a free online notebook, where you can basically write cookbook recipes, class notes, your grocery shopping list or the tasks set for your important meeting.  You are able to share the notes you make through Facebook and Twitter, making it easy for your friends to read and comment on your notes.  This should definitely be a tool for your coworkers, since it is easy to share and you can receive everyone’s input through these major social networks.

Preset reminders such as Mother’s Day, July 4th and other federal holidays are already preset into the application, so you will never go to work when you have the day off.  Birthdays are complicated to learn if you don’t really know if Facebook is reminding you about your friend’s birthday in advance.  What you can do to solve this is that you can ask them through email or the social networks so they can let you know.  You get to try this service free, so you get ten free credits to use and, once they’re done, you would need to purchase more credits.  Pricing options depend on the amount of credits that you will purchase.  Companies will have the advantage with this service, since they have many ways to cover the costs of reminding their employees through Remindeo.

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