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If you want a secure way to sign contracts over a safe internet connection, then you should look no further and try out Signsquid.  Signsquid is a month-to-month paid service that allows you to upload your contracts electronically, and have the proper signatories sign it without even having to travel.  At first, you might think that this service cannot be legal because you can’t be sure that the person signing it is really the signatory.  Well, Signsquid thought about that and they developed two security measures to make sure that any sort of contract is genuinely signed by the right people.

The first security measure is that you have to invite your signatories by email for them to log into SignSquid with their own password.  Your signatories do not need to have an account at SignSquid to sign any contract.  The catch is that you will get the user’s generated password and you have to call the person to give them the password in order to sign the contract electronically.  Therefore, you have double proof that the person signed the contract and you won’t have to waste any money on gas or even plane tickets if the person is on another country.

How do you start?  Open an account on Signsquid and check out all the features in their own video tutorial.  Once you open your account, you need to upload as many contracts as you want on PDF only.  This is just another way for things to be clear when it comes to security, because anyone can edit a Word document.  Once uploaded on SignSquid, only you decide who can see the contract by inviting your signatories through email.  Once the contract is signed by the signatory or signatories, nobody can manipulate the document.  The document will remain on Signsquid for a period of three years.  The contracts can remain there much longer if the user desires, but they need to contact support on the Signsquid website or the document will eventually cease to exist.

If you’re still not convinced about this application or you just don’t think you could use it, try it out for thirty days and upload as many contracts as you want.  After all, even if you don’t stay with the service in the first thirty days, you will be able to see all signed contracts without having to pay a cent.  If you want to make new contracts after the thirty days, you give your credit card information for payment so that Signsquid can authorize you to make new contracts again.

If there would be a problem with any kind of contract signed through Signsquid, the validity of the signatures can be confirmed by the lawyers at Signsquid.  You do not have to worry about any extra charges, since Signsquid guarantees that they will pay any additional fees to prove the validity of the contract and whoever signed it.

In short, you have peace of mind, security and an eco-friendly way to save thousands and even millions of paper sheets each year.  It’s about time that someone makes a difference by recycling or finding ways to not use paper as much.  Not to mention that paper is also an extra cost, which may mean savings for your clients.  Now the important part is the price: you get ten contracts for just nine dollars a month, which averages at about ninety cents per contract, no matter how many sheets it includes.  You don’t even have to provide your credit card information with your free trial, so go on ahead and get Signsquid today.

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