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Are you searching for a best ipad application? Do you want to perform an adventurous thing while on your leisure time virtually ? Yeah. You are right here to read the game review for ipad users “STREET NINJA”.

Street Ninja is one among the lot of Ninja games to cut the object game which will bring you full satisfaction. Street Ninja has been released by Hill Stone Animation Studios which is a part of AJ Square Inc. They have already released few popular game such as Hex Roto, Dragon Dance, Parkin, Bewilder and etc. As a player, you need to play the strong, super powered street ninja role to fight with the gangsters who escaped from the prison. You are the man who has to fight with those gangsters in each level to make them surrender.

Enjoy the fun smashing the object by swiping your fingers on your ipad screen. You have special provision to increase your life by collecting spinach tins. You can use your all fingers to smash the object. Each levels having different object to smash. You must hold your mighty sword to smash the things. As a street ninja, your role is to protect cops and make gangsters to be surrendered to to cops.

You need to be careful of the things you need to avoid, which may cause making end point to your street adventure. Concentrate on the things thrown by escapees to smash it and to gain points.

In each level, you need to arrest one gangster by gathering required points by smashing the objects. Cool graphics and adventurous story line makes the game more interesting. The fabulous sound track of the game adds more addictiveness to the game play. End of the game, player will feel as a real hero.

Totally an addictive fun entertainer to play on you leisure time. You can get full support for this game play from Hill Stone Animation Studios’s Support Center. Worth playing game for your money $0.99

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