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Micro blogging in Twitter was brought in with business interest in 2006 to make board meeting more interactive. Since then, there is no looking back as it revolutionized both business and social networks with ever increasing tweets. Most often people do not want to mix family with profession. Thus, one finds individuals holding multiple e-mail accounts, mobile numbers and even Twitter accounts. This does make life complicated as monitoring tweets in all the accounts could be cumbersome. Further, most often people with business interest in twitter are passive user who does not want to login into their twitter account but still wants to know about the tweets on their interest from followers. If you are one, who falls into any of these categories then you will definitely need to know about Downtweet. This application not only helps one to monitor interested real time tweets but also helps one to get to know more about their active followers.

What makes Downtweet Special?

Downtweet is a widget which offers live tweet streaming of various accounts in a format which is most suitable for you. Downtweet offers a variety of tweet categories like funny tweets, facebook tweets, men tweets etc which contains the interesting tweets. To enjoy live streaming of tweets a variety of tweet accounts are categorized as feeds under one category like news, food, gossips. At any given time a user can have four feed windows open and choose their favorite feed category which update the window with tweets in real time. A separate window can also be configured to monitor tweets of your twitter account in real time without actually logging on to your account in Twitter.  Further, one can even customize feeds to a window so as to make their own combination of required real time information.

You must be wondering that the application is interesting, but what is so special about it? Now you know what the application offer to organize your needs but what you would love to know is that Downtweet also has features that would help you integrate it with other applications that would make your job much easier. Downtweet can be easily integrated into your own website thereby real time information in terms of tweets can be made available to the visitors of your website increasing your website popularity. Here, customized feeds would be of great utility. Downtweet is also available as an extension for Google chrome browser in which a pop up Downtweet window would update you with tweets in real time. The extension opens with one window which can have customized feeds of your interest including your own twitter account.

Road ahead :

The application is easy to use and cost you no money. Real time applications are always in demand and with more and more android phones hitting the market and the ever increasing number of social network website users, the application needs to be extended to mobile phones too. If that comes up all you twitter lovers chasing your interest and celebrity is going to be more fun and fast.

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