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Mates360 is an iPhone application that lets you share which apps or games you like on your iPhone with your friends and relatives. If your friends do not have the app, you can send an invitation SMS to ask them to download the app so you can send them that information.

When you first use the application, it will prompt you for your phone number and a pin or password. This combination will be used for login next time. Then, you can search your favorite apps or games using the in-built search to add them into your Apps’ page. You can give each app or game a thumb down or up depending on how much you like it. After your friends or relatives accept your invite, you can browse what apps or games they like under “Mates” page. It is that simple and straightforward. You can even categorize your apps and share them according to circles of your choice like friends, work colleagues so on.

The idea of the  is to share the useful apps or games you have on your iPhone with your friends or relatives. The iTunes App Store is huge with the number of apps and games. When you get a new iPhone, you will be lost what to download on your new iPhone. This app comes into the picture with a helping hand. But the disadvantage is that for this idea to work, your friends or relatives need to purchase Mates360 and install it on their iPhones. You can send SMS to invite them but it will be up to them to use it. A couple of times, I tried to encourage my friends to install apps or games but there is a whole long list to remember. This app is also useful for that situation. You can jot down your favorite apps inside this app and spread the cheer when your friend gets a new iPhone.

Currently, Mates360 works for iPhone. You might have to run it with zoom two times on an iPad. I hope the developer can make this application universal for iPhone and iPad so I can use it on my iPad as well. I tried the search function using 3G network and it is slow. The results will be better if you use wireless network or Wifi to do the search for your favorite apps and games. I will recommend this app to my friends and relatives but it is really up to them to use it on a frequent basis so that it will be useful to me as well. I can’t wait to see what apps or games they will recommend me to download on my iPhone!

One disadvantage of this app I saw during my usage is the login screen seems to skip when I am loading the application for the 2nd time. This can be a security issue if I do not want prying eyes to see what I have shared between my friends and relatives. I believe the developer does not do this intentionally and hopefully it will be fixed in the next update.

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