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AgoraPulse is a social media management tool. Instead of focusing on different networks, AgoraPulse focuses solely on facebook and helps the facebook Page owners to better manage their pages, gain more fans, track facebook traffic with much ease.

AgoraPulse is designed to help all sorts of businesses whether large or small. Page owners can publish posts, view statistics, filter and rank their fans, compare their pages with competitors. You can also calculate your return on investment (ROI). AgoraPulse allows you to do so by indicating your key performing indicators (KPI). It keeps the tracks of the sort of feedback, likes and dislikes your fans give you and presents all the data to you in forms of graphs. This enables you to assign values to different KPI, such as a latest deal you introduced and estimate what return you get from it. AgoraPulse also lets you rate and filter your fans. These are the basic features you get when you buy their basic package which starts at $14.99 a month. If you want to further analyze your fans, come up with quizzes and instant wins for you facebook fan you can upgrade to the gold package which is comes at a price of $360 a month.

AgoraPulse is like the Swiss army knife of CRM tools. With all its features and apps you get instant feedback. The feedback can be categorized to help you. For any business feedback is a must and AgoraPulse enables you to filter genuine feedback from the unimportant one. You can download your fan base in .csv format. This enables you to understand where you are getting the most clicks from and what sort of feedback different customers are giving you. It helps you to not only increase your fan base but also to come up with better marketing strategies to cater to these clients. Although, you have to figure out how much a click or a comment is worth to you, it gives you the ease of doing that by giving partial control in the hands of your fans. Big multinationals like McDonald’s and Virgin are clients of AgoraPulse however; it is equally beneficial for smaller firms and new businesses too.

If you are just setting up your business or want to expand it further, genuine feedback is a must to plan your future strategies. If you go for the basic package that AgoraPulse offers at $14.99, it is a small investment into your future returns. Because if you outsource SMM services or ask a manager to do so, you would be definitely paying them more. Secondly, you get updates immediately and feedbacks immediately as they change.

AgoraPulse is a very helpful tool. It takes just a few minutes to register and is extremely easy to use. If you are serious about your facebook presence and value the feedback you get from there, it delivers what it promises to.

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