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Are you wish to be a responsible dad or mom? Thinking of bring out best edutainment app for your kids. Yeah, then you are right here. ABCD for kids is an ipad application specially deigned for kids below the age of 5 and the app comes under the category of entertainment in apple store. The app has been developed by the team of Hill Stone Animation Studios, they have already released the games like Bewilder, HexRoto, Street Ninja and Dragon Dance.

When I used this application, I just feel that the app will gonna be a nursery teacher for my kids. It brings 3 stages for kid’s learning, first one is Alphabet, second is Interaction and the last stage is Activity. In alphabet section, the app teaches how to write alphabets in easy way, how to pronounce it and also it teaches minimum of 4 words per alphabet. Continuous practice on this application makes your kid genius in alphabet very sooner and they can able to read and write character before they enters into nursery schools.

Later in the second stage, the developers designed to enhance interactiveness of the kid by showing animated objects and interaction with phonetics. Cool images and colorful back ground will definitely let your kid stick on the place with gadget. They can spend their time in innovative way rather than wasting it on video games.

In third stage, the application come up with jigsaw puzzle game to make the kid more active. Simple and logical puzzle game will trigger your kid’s brain to find the object, recognizing the objects in the screen.

Finally I found valuable education application for my kids. Before finishing the review, I would like to point out few plus points of this application. Application will help your kids to learn alphabets and words very quickly. By playing the games, they can easily identify the real life objects too. Lively cartoons and sketches will make your kids feel good and to learn fast. The app available on app store for just $1.99 and its really worth for it.

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