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Resfly is a web application (a web application would be an application that you could use over the internet, no installations) that would immensely help employers finds their desired man or woman for the job. Resfly promises you that they would instantly publish the job that you want to be filled. No longer would you be restricted to your ordinary job postings on the local newspaper or forums. You could reach out to the entire world job market with Resfly; all with just one click. Resfly would post your job opening to various sites like “indeed”, “linkedin”, “job inventory” and so much more.

Using Resfly, you would rid of the hassle of needing to manually go to every job boards to post your opening. Resfly even provides users with a candidate screening; you could look at each and every applicant’s qualifications and resume without even leaving the Resfly website. There are even comprehensive analytics where Resfly would analyze the traffic between all of the job posts in every job sites and give you a chart. You could even adjust your hiring campaigns so as to attract more people to your job postings; a service which I feel is effective and unavailable in other such sites.

Another area where Resfly interests me a lot would be their simplistic website design. The user interface provides you with clear and concise information with action bars such as “Create a Job” (Does what it says), “View my Jobs” (Same as the previous one) and “Customize Job Portal” (where you can customize your portal to your needs so that your future employees could seek you out). Resfly’s design does not “fly” all over the place; the options that you could undertake are all clustered together in a non messy manner. Another great part of Resfly that interest me would be that they allow job applicants to undergo video interviews. This would mean that the employers would no longer be restricted to confusing resumes where some applicants could lie about their education qualifications or the fact that they do not know some skills but boast otherwise. Employers who use this function could also watch their applicants’ manner of speech; whether they articulate sentences with excellent smoothness or they did not master the language effectively.

Another plus part about Resfly would be its flexible price plans. When you use Resfly, you would not need to sign a contract or anything that binds you to their services; Resfly is month to month. And the prices that they provide are reasonable too. For starters, their “Starter” package offers 3 public job postings per month for just 49 dollars per month. What is more would be that Resfly would be providing you with a complimentary 5 days free trial to further enhance its’ value as a jobs poster. If you are a big corporate company, you could select their “Enterprise” plan where a massive 50 public jobs would be posted; ensuring your open places in the company to be filled in record time!

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