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Cloud File Mover for Dropbox is a file management tool for Dropbox. You can sort the files in dropbox by date or name accordingly using this application. There is a video tutorial included inside the application that will teach new users on how to use the application. You can move files between folders just simply by drag and drop the files. You can copy or duplicate files by swiping to the right. Then the two “copy” or “delete” options will appear. To rename files, you just swipe to the left. If you do a double tap, the file will be downloaded on your iPhone and open using a supported application.

You can backup files from your photo album on your iPhone or iPod touch using this application. This feature is great for users who often lost their data during the firmware restore process. To have an additional backup at the cloud storage is usually the best solution these days. After uploading files from your iPhone, you can view the files given the thumbnails of the files. If you want to view the entire photo, just double tap on the file.

The application is great for modifying changes on the fly and uploading them back to the cloud storage provider which is Dropbox in this case. You can open text files using supported applications on your iphone. For example, I can open video files from Dropbox with the installed video player such as Proplayer or Buzz Player on my iPhone. But I feel more can be done to make video files compatible with the applications I have on my iPhone.

For example, I tried downloading a .wmv file from Dropbox into my iPhone. The application will show a progress bar downloading my video file. But after the download, it shows me a blank screen. It is obvious that .wmv files can be played with the Buzz Player but Cloud File Mover is using the default apple video player to open the .wmv file. Furthermore, the “open with” file dialog is only shown after the file is downloaded. This file open with dialog should show before the download commences so that users can choose what application they want to open the file with.

For text files, there are no issues. You can simply print it or email text files. Overall, I feel this application is good but it should cater for other video files other than .mp4 and .mov file formats which is supported by Apple during the file open process.

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