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Nowadays many people around this world spend a lot of time to engage in website chat, looking for new friends or love interests as an entertainment. ChatWing is an advanced free chat widget tool that can be installed on any website or blog that encourages live chatting and easy mechanics. In other words, this app provides an extremely new level in the chat platform. This software application is a combination of three factors namely fun chat rooms, information, and entertainment, which is designed for everyone.

In order to install this application, you must first register your blog with a domain name along with your email address to create an official account and then you must choose the color and the size, which you feel is suitable for your blog or website. One drawback is that you are unable to change the background color. But as a user, you can adjust the height and width of your widget by tweaking two sliders. Finally, you will get your instant html code and once you embed it, you will get your ChatWing live chat on your site. Since the app provides easy navigation and setup, many users are expecting this application to have more development. There are many chat rooms and websites that may offer you investment options and some may even offer downloadable applications, but nevertheless ChatWing application has proved to offer a higher standard of global communication.

Many users are discovering the benefits of using this application gradually as it has an uncomplicated design and user interface compared to other applications that require complex commands. In the chat box, you can do IM talk with your friends or anyone around this world in real time. Using the social network method for logging in, you can also exchange information through social profiles. The user can log in using their Twitter or Facebook account or as a guest and to simply know something more about other members.

Nowadays, people show their interest in chat in blogs because of the increased rate of information delivery. Once they get a chance to enter into blogs, they are supposed to learn a thing or two from that through which their interest will go up. As far as ChatWing is concerned, this works well with diamond posts and blog entries providing important information. For corporate blogs, the chat box serves as an extension of the company’s customer service.  Important features include filtering profane languages, spam control and user being able to flag other users.

ChatWing is considered to be one of the best live chat widget and software for blogs and websites, which offers its users the ability to sign up and create a customized live chat feature in a minute or less. The user is able to customize the size, color and font of the chat product. ChatWing is 100% free software where the user is able to chat using social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, which offers an exclusive real-time experience.

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