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ArrangeMySeat as the name suggests, creates a custom seating arrangement in minutes for the event organizers. It is flexible for any event such as wedding, galas, banquets, or graduation ceremonies that requires seating arrangements. Event organizers set up a custom event registration page that let the guests to pick their seat. The app help event organizers spend more time working on other important aspects of the event and less time on such administrative tasks.

There two options available namely access code registration and open registration or no access code registration to change the type of guest registration for the event. Access code registration is that a list of access code will be generated for each seat and you need to distribute these code numbers to the guests of your events. So, it will be easy for each of the guests to pick their seats using their unique access code to register for your event. Compared to access code registration, open registration is easy as event registration is open to anyone who comes to your event.  All they have to do is to just simply enter a few quick details to your event registration page and pick their seats for them in a minute as it is the goal of to reduce any administrative work done by you.

As far as event registration page is concerned, it makes the registration process faster and easier for the guests and also for the users who register their seats on their own accord.  This does not require anyone to intervene.  But in special cases, where your guests may not be interested using the online process, you can login to the manage interface quickly via any computer and arrange a seat for them on their behalf. Event planning is not just an easy task as it is a time consuming process.  It involves administrative tasks such as creating a seating plan, responding to RSVPs, setting up the event and organizing, which requires tons of time. creates a streamline responding to all these tedious tasks. A website will soon be created for the guests, in order to avoid putting even the little efforts to fill out the information required, where they will find it easy to login and select a particular seat from the seating plan created by you. Many guests prefer to pick their seats because they actually want to know the place where they are sitting and also the persons who are sitting near to them.

The app also will cover event planner’s questions to the guests such as what food they would like to have and also some own custom questions if any as we are here to listen to it and implement that too. If you convey the details to us of how you want your event planning software to handle the registration for your guests? We are here to help you out and make your event planning software to do the work for you. has made it easy to change, adjust and add any of the information about any event and welcomes any questions or suggestions for which they will give their valuable assistance.

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