Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder – Parking is Fun Now !

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Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder – Parking is Fun Now !

Just imagine a situation where you are in hurry from your office on way to your home. You just reach the parking but in hesitation, forget the location where you parked your car. Now the main problem comes in action. You just are not able to find yours in hundreds of others having same color and model. You just get more frustrated and this is a normal day situation which can happen with anyone anywhere at any time. Now, this is where the new android app proves to be worthy.

Pin ‘n find is the latest addition to the android market and works on a very different concept. It is a GPS based car finder application. It has some very innovative integration which makes it a perfect app for the specific purpose. Now, as you open the application after installing it, you will see a blue balloon on the screen. Now, just drag the balloon down and it’s done. It’s as simple as it sounds. There are no top notch devices required to trace your position, which you might see in many of the other car finding applications. The controls are just very easy and very clear to understand. Now, as you drag down the balloon, it will locate your position using GPS. So, keep in mind to turn on the GPS before using this app. Your location will be saved in the app when you leave your car. As you come back, you just open the app again and tap ‘find my car’ and the app will give you the saved location.

But the main concept of the whole app is to save time for the user and they have backed the idea very well with their Bluetooth integration. If you have a Bluetooth device installed in your car, you just need to save that device in options menu of the app. Now, there is no need to save your location every time you leave your car. Pin ‘n Find will do it for you!.

There is also a third option for you if you don’t have GPS access. Then, the app gives you the best option left which is to click a photo of your parking location. It is not a satisfactory option but sufficient enough in the given conditions. The app runs very smoothly and fast as it is not a very heavy one on your system. The GPS location might be some time a little off target but it is due to weak signal, nothing wrong about the app. Also, sometimes the app isn’t able to locate GPS connection when the signal is sufficiently good.

So, overall it is really a very good app with good concept and utility. It is very simple to use and works perfectly well in real time situations. I will surely recommend you to take a look at this one. It will certainly change the course of your time!

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