MetaTrader 5 – Best Mobile Trading App for Android

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MetaTrader 5 – Best Mobile Trading App for Android

The MetaTrader is an interesting Android based mobile trading platform ideal for those in the business of forex and stocks trading. The MetaTrader 5 is the latest version of MetaTrader, the popular and acclaimed forex trading software known for its flexibility and ease of use. The app allows the user to connect to a broker, make financial deals, receive quotes, and check their trading history too, all for free from any corner of the world. The anytime, anywhere capabilities of the MetaTrader combined with ease of use and flexibility, has made it very desirable among traders. The latest version has stability improvements and fixed operations on Android 4 ICS, features that render the app even more efficient.

Key Capabilities:

  • The MetaTrader 5 trading platform offers wide trading capabilities. With this app, the user can:
  • Use demo and real trading accounts
  • Open demo accounts directly from the mobile trading application
  • Gain complete access to different trading options after logging in
  • Conduct trading operations using the trading orders and execution modes
  • Get prices of financial instruments in real time
  • Implement any trading strategy
  • Refer to their trading history anytime anywhere
  • Assess the profitability of their trading activity


The easy-to-use interface allows management of multiple accounts through the Navigator option, a very advantageous feature for an active trader. Using this feature, the user can switch between different accounts easily and quickly, enabling different strategies to be employed in different accounts without any unnecessary delay. For instance, you may choose to create two accounts to trade and scalp, and switch between them to instantly address sudden market events.


The MetaTrader 5 has four groups of forex indicators, Volumes, Oscillators, Trend, and Bill Willams. A fifth custom category allows traders to store developed or imported items. These indicators are new to the 5th version and offer added technical analysis capabilities over MetaTrader 4. The indicator system is well suited for classifying a wide range of analytical tools and it provides easier and faster access too.

The app provides options for calculating moving averages. The new trend indicators in the moverages category include the Double, Triple, Fractal, Variable, and Exponential moving averages. All these averages can be employed in trend analysis.

Advanced features:

The MetaTrader 5 has integrated a powerful expert advisor and an advanced trading script, ideal for traders who prefer auto trading. The script is strong and the 5th version seems to have addressed the errors and bugs that were present in the previous one. Through the Expert Advisor option, users can perform an in-depth analysis of the strategy being assessed. The language, compared to the version 4, has been condensed and improved to a more user-friendly form.

Bottom Line:

The MetaTrader 5 is a highly efficient mobile trading platform that offers a blend of capabilities for traders. Combined with ease of use and flexibility, the MetaTrader for the android is definitely a great app that users who would like to always be in touch with the financial markets and their trading accounts cannot just miss.

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