Celoxis.com – Project Management Made Handy

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Celoxis.com – Project Management Made Handy

Celoxis is leading project management software developed to provide an easy resolution for all tasks related to project management. It is a value for money software which offers several options which can be easily customizable. Every project management activity can be easily tracked through Celoxis. Quality is a key factor in any project management tool. Well Celoxis is the perfect tool which offers quality results.

End to End features:

Celoxis is a single solution for most of the project management activities. Like other competing project management tools in the market, It offers basic and advanced project management features to assist you in managing various tasks quickly and easily. Various features involves Managing Project, Planning and keeping track of projects, resource tracking, timesheet tracking, expense report generation, bug tracking, document management, work flows, schedules, Ad-hoc maintenance, work tracking, time and materials, etc. Manage your Project releases easily through Celoxis. It gives you easy solution for various real world problems like scheduling work shifts of resources who work in different time zones.

Multi-location & Multi-time zone scheduling:

Tasks are auto-scheduled as per the time-zone of the assigned resources. You can also create location specific holidays.

Exception scheduling:

Scenarios like a few resources working on weekend, or being absent from 10 to 12 daily for the next 2 weeks because you will be attending a conference, etc. can be entered into the system. Tasks are scheduled around it. They can be recurring events and apply to a resource, a department or everyone in the organization. Again these are time-zone specific.

Report generation:

Report generation is one of the most important tasks in project management activities. Celoxis offers a simple, easy and powerful solution for report generation in the form of tabular, Gantt chart and drill-down graphical charts (Pie, bar and bubble).

Interactive Gantt chart:

The interactive Gantt chart is a unique feature in Celoxis, which gives users access to schedule new tasks and update the existing tasks. It has a very simple user interface where you can drag and drop to modify the Project progress. It’s very easy tool to handle multi tasking. The full screen mode maximizes the gantt display and provides unique resource tracking features.

Resource Load chart:

Resource Load Chart facility helps you to view and fix the resource conflicts. You can also set off-times for resources from that screen.

Other Prominent features:

It offers custom fields to capture additional information for projects, tasks and processes. Formula fields provide you a rich ability to manipulate the data. In addition to Project Portfolio Management fields like Risk, Benefit, Alignment & Budget, you can create custom fields to track your portfolio. Business process management like bugs, client approvals, risks and change requests is made simple with the help of Workflow. It has a most important feature which gives quick updates to all resources in the form of RSS feeds. With the help of iCal, you can see events including task and project dates in your favorite calendar or on mobile device. It also supports two-way synchronization with Microsoft Project. In addition you can do a number of things via email. It also offers an API to integrate with various other tools like Salesforce, Custom applications, etc. You can easily import and export data in the form of CSV files.

Improves Customer Satisfaction:

Client collaboration helps improve customer satisfaction by involving the customer throughout the project life-cycle. The customer can actively participate in the project, provide inputs on various stages, stay updated with reports that can be shared through Celoxis, initiate change requests and all this for FREE (client logins are FREE).

Mobile Interface:

It has a portable functionality, with which you can easily manage your project through smart phones. It has a handy interface which works in almost all the smartphones. The portable mobile version looks very simple and easy to access like a native iPhone application. Unlike other project management tools, the portable version also allows you to control all desktop supportive features like dashboard and report management in a simple interface. Celoxis offers several video tutorials for its users with effective documentation.


Celoxis comes with SaaS and On-Premise version. The cost of SaaS interface is $15 per user/month and the on-premise version is as low as $117/User for a perpetual license. It is the best software management tool and quality product available for an affordable price.


Celoxis is a handy tool with enormous amount of features which allows you to easily manage & track projects and project related tasks. Key features include Gantt chart, Resource load chats, Multi-location & Multi-time zone scheduling, Exception scheduling and drill-down graphical charts. Other third party integration and mobile interface support are key factors for the success of this application.


Though Celoxis offers expert technical support, it won’t provide 24X7 support but they offer quick email based support. If they extend their support to 24X7 on call support, then it will be more supportive from an end user perspective.

Bottom line:

On the whole Celoxis is the cheap and best Project management tool with more features. It impresses every user in free trial version itself and drags more customers towards licensed version. Give your try today for a better project management experience.

Apps4Review Rating :  8/10

Web Application Link :  http://www.celoxis.com/

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