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The introduction of the mobile app eToro Trader available for android phones has made FOREX trading very exciting and more of a social experience. This app has been developed and launched by one of the most famous FOREX traders, the eToro. The mobile app can be installed in android phones and supports software versions 1.5 and above. The eToro Trader helps trading enthusiasts stay very much alive with the instant updates in the financial market. It helps you trade currencies, other commodities, keep track of the indices and make a wise investment to get the maximum profits.

eToro trader is a perfectly suited app for financial traders and also for the other common persons who are interested in finance and economy of the world as a whole. This app helps you stay connected with the live market and ensures that you do not miss any opportunity so that you can make the most out of it.

Features and Benefits:

  • Real time update about the market and also to the traders within the same trading account
  • The trading charts are very easy to use
  • The app is very easy to operate and it is also has high execution speeds
  • The app provides live market rates and also the real time quotes and also has the facility of instant order execution which makes the trading of commodities, currencies and indices easier than ever
  • The trading account can be opened and operated for free
  • This app gives you the access to the world’s famous and the largest financial trading network
  • It also has the feature of having unlimited practice accounts and also real trading accounts

  • The most attractive feature of the eToro FOREX trader is the Copy trader feature where you can copy the FOREX traders who are in the top list automatically
  • eToro FOREX trader offers the best customer support ever.
  • eToro Trader is an Open book investment network where you can very easily get connected to 1.5k traders
  • There is also an adjustable leverage feature which is from 1: 2 to 1: 400
  • The eToro FOREX trader also provides education to the novice FOREX trader
  • The new features and also the useful tools in this app have helped the FOREX traders to increase their earnings by a considerable percentage when compared to the other traders who are not using these tools, which is really a remarkable difference
  • The members in the same platform can also comment and rate the notifications which are made by you
  • The app also provides the option to set up the trading alerts and also uses the analysis which is done in a technical manner by the app to create notifications which are very useful to the traders during their trading

Bottome Line:

eToro FOREX Trader is a very useful and handy app to all financial traders and to individuals who are interested in staying abreast with changes in the world economy. You can download this app from the android market and start enjoying its benefits.

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