Plumber Reloaded – Can Plumbing be More Interesting?

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Plumber Reloaded – Can Plumbing be More Interesting?

The concept of this game is very simple. All you need to do is connect two pipes without crossing with the other pipes. Each pipe will be of different colour, so there is no scope for confusions. The best thing about this game is that, it might look very simple from the outset, but with the time running fast and different pipes spread out here and there, it could test your skills in gaming and your fats hands. In simple Plumber reloaded is a game for people who can be smart with quick thinking and perception. It could be your best time killer, which you can play on the go. On the whole plumber reloaded is a perfect time pass entertainer.


Plumber Reloaded is available in the android market for free. Its current version 1.1 is ready to be downloaded and start playing the game. This particular app requires android of 1.6 and up.

How to play?

Well it’s not one of those toughest games on earth for which you will need to spend lot of time to get used to it. This is a game that you can start playing instantly with no introduction needed. Personally for me it was more of a known entity with a difference. It is by no means an altogether new game. There are many games out there which are quite similar. But what makes this particular game so special is its quickness. That is you don’t have much time to think and make the moves. It will all happen in micro seconds. In simple you should be really quick to be able to win each level and make a move. Well initially you will have easy passage with not so tough levels. All you would have to do is connect the two pipes of same colour without crossing the path of the other coloured pipes.

But before you start playing the game, it is better off to take few training sessions, so that you will get a  clear idea as to what to do and how to do. Sure the training sessions will help you sharpen your fast hand skills. In the initial levels there would be very few pipes to be connected. But as the level increases the task will get tougher with more and more pipes to be connected. This is where the real challenge arrives. With too many pipes to be connected within the grid and without crossing the paths your gaming skills will be tested for sure. Not to forget the fast running time before which you will have to finish the task. So, on the whole this is one game that could be addictive and really test your gaming skills.


If you are made to wait for something and you have nothing else to do, then you should try out Plumber reloaded, which would help you pass your time in an interesting way. With the next version in pipeline, this game will only get better and more interesting.

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