Ninjaken – Kill Him Shinji !

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Ninjaken – Kill Him Shinji !

Are you a fan of Ninja Turtles or any other action packed show with intense fighting scenes involving a high speed perfect coordination of eye and body? Even if you are not, then you might have not watched the trailer of the show. Otherwise, I am sure no one can afford to miss that. It’s a treat to watch those special moves and they are happening so fast that sometimes, even a camera fails to capture all the frames quickly. It’s been quite long since we had such a play to appreciate. But no more worries. Get aside, here comes Shinji.

We are talking about the latest Android game, Ninjaken that has been developed by Rexone Studios. The game takes you to the life of a ninja, Shinji. It contains every element that you expect in a character of ninja. You will jump and fight with special moves to your enemies. Your aim is to clear each and every level and travel to the end of the game. You will be fighting against two different colored enemies-red and blue. The controls of the game are very simple and arcade-like. There are four different buttons, one for jump, one for down movement, left one to ‘slash red enemies’ and right one to ‘slash blue enemies’. Talking about the special powers, our ninja comes with two – Onek Shuriken and Shinji Tatsumaki, which will be a great help for you to clear all the levels.

There are a total of 3 levels out of which 1st one is free and the rest of the two are paid. The game seems to be a little bit on the easier side at the beginning. But believe me, you won’ survive much longer if you assume this for the complete journey. It really gets hard as you progress. You have to kill your enemies on the way as well as save yourself from obstacles.

Talking about the graphics, the game is beautifully designed. Whether it is the true characterization of the ninja or the background graphics, everything has been rightly developed. The background images of buildings and cities give you a feeling as if you are going through a journey in China, depicting the country from where this art originated. The sounds are impressive and perfect for such a fighting experience.

The game is a paid one. Though it is also available free of cost, but it is a limited version. Paid version costs Rs. 71.29 and it’s worth its price. Collectively, it is a very good combination of arcade gaming with very good graphics. Though there were some problems encountered while starting the game as sometimes it takes a little bit more time or even the system may hang down. Gaming experience was overall good but could have been better as the action content of the game seemed to be very limited. But still, it is a very good game and must be tried out, at least the free version.

We will give this action packed arcade game 4 out of 5 stars.

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