Whitesourcesoftware.com – Manage Your Open Source the SaaS Way

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Whitesourcesoftware.com – Manage Your Open Source the SaaS Way

When it comes to managing your open source licenses- most solutions available today are complicated and very expensive.  Therefore, with no appropriate solution available, companies are forced to manage their open source licensing using excel spreadsheets. This leads to missing and out of date information, lack of collaboration, and no clear way to evaluate risk. This is where White Source comes in. White Source is a free cloud-based solution for open source license management. White Source provides a simple to use solution for companies that want to manage their open source licenses to ensure compliance and reduce risk. Unlike other solutions, White Source is suitable for all organizations- even for medium and small companies.


This new SaaS app is absolutely free to use and extremely easy to set up and maintain. So it is a huge advantage for all those companies who are looking for a solution to track, audit and report on open source components throughout the software development process without any overhead. It has a very simple and user friendly interface, and it’s really comfortable to work with. For now, White Source fully supports Java and will support more languages in three months.

Main points about White Source:

White Source has many interesting features. It allows the company to Identify and track open source software components and licenses in a matter of minutes. The service allows you to manage a proper workflow and approvals process throughout the entire development lifecycle. All the process is automated, so it is very efficient and there isn’t any time wasted. On top of that, it presents risk factors of each license- which helps you to better cope with open source dilemmas. In Addition, It offers a few reports and dashboards to help the user better control and audit risk and operational aspects. Moreover, since it is a free cloud-based service, there is no installation or maintenance cost.

An important issue to mention is that White Source is not exposed to any property code.  So there is no source code that gets stored in the cloud. Overall- it’s a very good and free open source license management system that works at minimal risk and with no overhead. This SaaS application seems to be a perfect license management solution for any company.


White Source is a SaaS application that helps you to easily track and manage your open source components. Since it comes with very good risk management system, it will help your company to better control its open source lifecycle.  Overall- White Source is a simple to use, yet powerful and vital solution for development teams.

Apps4Review Rating :  9/10

Web Application Link :  http://www.whitesourcesoftware.com/

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