A Social Networking Site for Travelers

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When you wish to travel to an entirely new destination, you would like to get good views on it. You might want to ask friends and relatives for advice but their advice will be based purely on hearsay. Hence, it is not to be trusted completely. If you wish to find all the travel information you need under one roof by connecting to other fellow travelers, the Touristlink web app is just the right choice for you. Here you can share information from your personal experience, meet other travelers from across the world, make suggestions for tourist attractions and also create and share you own favorite lists with your friends.

There are many features of Touristlink that make it so special and unique. You can create a list of your favorite travel destinations and then share it with friends. You are allowed to share new suggestions for attractions with fellow travelers, and also post photos of your own travels. Based on reviews and rankings by members, the site offers a list of top attractions in a given city. Thus, users can discover hot spots and attractions on their own. As a user of this app, you can also place requests for guide trips and taxi pickups. With your request placed, guides and travel agents can view your request and send offers to you. You can also pose questions to hotel owners and guides to get a better idea of the place.

Touristlink not only links you with fellow travelers but also acts as a social connect with travel agents, homestays, local guides, vacation rentals and others in this network. As a traveler, you will want nothing but the most authentic glimpse of culture and a memorable experience. This app will give you exactly that. It will get you in touch with locals and small hotel owners for your trip. Besides, if you cannot make a decision yourself, then there are recommendations and reviews by members to rely upon. These are the voices that speak from experience and can hence be trusted completely.

Besides offering its own deals, Touristlink also offers deals from tour guides and travel agents. At present, this offering is quite limited but is expected to see rapid expansion in the near future as it widens its group deals by tapping into the resources of tour guides and travel agents who are its members. The present focus of the team is to provide adventure travels and target deals to its users in the markets of south-east Asia. Group travel really works out well in this region.

With plans to launch a mobile app soon, which shall allow member requests with regards to travel services, the web app is making good progress. Guides can make offers according to the preferences and the tastes of the requesting member. It will then become simpler and more useful. Touristlink – social travel market place creates a value added environment that has reviews and updated, relevant content. So, if you wish to get in touch with others who love travel and those that offer these services, no other platform will serve this purpose better.

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