WeddiGo – Free Digital Planner for Delight Marriage

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WeddiGo – Free Digital Planner for Delight Marriage

Are you looking for something easy and simple in order to plan a fantastic wedding? If the answer is yes, then there is a perfect online application which you can use in order to plan your wedding for free. WeddiGo is an online program which can help you in various different ways for you to get the perfect wedding. You can start by registering on Basically, the site offers various different features such as budget calculator, guest lists and several other services which will help you plan a wedding. Possibly the major advantage is the online application is totally free of cost and you just need to enter your email ID and a username in order to start.

The interface is pretty good and looks really nice. Apart from that, it is extremely easy to use and everything is mentioned in a clear way. You don’t need to download anything nor do you need to enter your personal details. One of the best features of WeddiGo is managing guests. You can easily add names of the people you want to invite and can then recall the names as everything will be saved in your database.  You can also change the theme or the skin of the application from the settings menu.

The checklist option is quite good as well and it can be handy for various tasks. You can create new tasks in the checklist and can complete these tasks. You can also plan these tasks in a particular order and can go in the proper order by doing all these tasks.

Another decent feature is the budget calculator and even though this is a simple feature, it is really useful. You can add the cost of literally everything in your wedding including clothes, food and decorations. There is also a music feature which you can use in order to create a playlist for your wedding. Some people forget what songs to include in the wedding and this is the perfect option if you want to create a playlist. The quick notes application is also good and is a handy feature if you want to create notes about different things related to the wedding.

There is also an option for food and drinks. You can create a proper menu for different parts of the wedding including the reception and arrival. You can choose starters and proper meals as well along with the drinks that you want at the wedding.

Overall WeddiGo is a really good application if you are looking for something free in order to create the wedding. Some new features will be available soon such as the WeddiGo directory and forums. Everything is really simple and easy to use with a good user interface. The application has various useful features along with some handy features which are all combined into one single wedding planner. You can get these features individually but if you are looking for a proper wedding planning application which has all the right features, then this is the perfect option.

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