SketchStorm Breathe Life into Your Ideas

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SketchStorm Breathe Life into Your Ideas

There are numerous visionaries, artists, entrepreneurs and advertisers today who constantly come up with fresh new ideas. Things would be much easier for them if there would be an app that would help them design and also refine their rough concepts into fine products, while retaining the basic idea in an iPad. At times, you just need an inspiring quote or an image to spark and set off an idea or concept in your head. Now, an app called SketchStorm will help you bring out your ideas before you get to the big picture.

At times, there is an idea brewing somewhere in the corner of your mind but despite your best efforts, you are unable to give it your all as you are too preoccupied with textures, filters and brushes. These things must come into the picture only after the idea is fostered, not in the process of it being created. SketchStorm shall storm your brain to its fullest potential. There are visualization tools to help you compose and facilitate concepts into ideas, sketches, informative graphics, architectural design, urban planning, and interior designing and other things that your innovative mind can produce.

Through a customization of Global Positioning System (GPS) and User Interfaces, this app provides effective browsing and helps you comprehend complex information all the better. The following are the ways that SketchStorm can help you in:

1. You do not have to go through the pain of waiting forever for the app to load as it opens almost instantly.

2. If you are unable to express concepts and idea, then this app will help you do this rapidly.

3. Color is the life of the images that you create. For this, there is a special Retro Designer Color Palette available so that you can add the most life-like colors to your images and pictures. If you happen to draw comics, then this feature will come in handy while drawing illustrations for your comic pages.

4. There is an in-built instant camera which you can use to take a screenshot of the portrait or scene target created by you.

5. If you wish to edit your photos and make variations to them, then this task is easily accomplished with this app. You can take images from your own photo album and manipulate them as per your design.

6. The place where you derive inspiration from or about an object or idea can be marked down on the side bar with GPS or Map directly.

7. You can ‘undo’ your actions unlimited number of times and every action of yours will stay in the app’s memory to allow you to undo all that you want to.

8. With this app, your illustrations and drawings can be exported to screen as JPG images or PDF files.

9. Sharing your designs is also extremely easy with this app.

With these amazing features and facilities, SketchStorm is very helpful to creative designers in bringing their ideas and concepts into tangible form for the world to see.

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