NicePrints – Photo Organizing Made Easy

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NicePrints – Photo Organizing Made Easy

If you have all your devices so full of photos that you cannot follow them or keep track of them any longer, then NicePrints is what you need to organize them and to make space for more photos. You have to hunt for your photos and make place for those clicked recently. Seems like a little too much work, doesn’t it?  As per popular opinion, printing photographs is such a tedious and boring task. But with this app, your opinion of printing your photos shall change completely.

With NicePrints, handling your pictures becomes so much easier. You can compile them all into a photo album or scrapbook in just a matter of seconds and view them at any place you desire. Also, you can order for the prints of all your favorite photos with the least effort possible. This app is so easy to use and helps you transform scattered photos into organized albums in just a couple of seconds.

You can get creative with your photo albums too. There are 60 different themes for your albums, which include holidays, birthday and many more. And none of them takes more than 3 seconds to try out, which means that you can try out all of them and see which one suits your album best. Unlike popular opinion, this app makes photo printing very easy. There are 3 different sizes in which you can get your photos printed. You can save your album directly in your device’s photo library and print it out at your own home or from a place of your choice. You can also use the app to order prints on photo paper, which will then be sent to a preferred home address.

To create a photo album with NicePrints is enjoyable an experience. This app sorts out all your pictures for you at any place and at any time. Create your photo albums on the move in just no time at all. You have to simply choose the size of your album and then select images right from the device and make up your mind on how many photos you want on every page. In just 3 seconds, you will see your photos organized into a lovely album for you. To make it customized and personal, select a theme from the 60 available.

Once you have created your photobook, you can easily share it with everyone. You have the option of posting this photobook on to Facebook with just a few clicks. The photos on your album are saved as high quality images. To print your photos via this app, you simply have to specify the size and the number of photo copies and then you can consider the work done. Soon, your printed photos will arrive at your doorstep.

If you cannot tolerate the clutter of photos on your device and find organizing them to be too tedious a task, then NicePrints is just the app you need to do this and order prints once you have completed compiling them into a photobook.

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