Red Bull Mission Control – An App with a Twist

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Red Bull Mission Control – An App with a Twist

Most of us are busy with our daily routine activities such as work, study and many more things like that, but there is still some part of our adult spirit which is into games and other thrilling activities. It will be really very interesting if we get a chance to play on the go or get involved in some challenging tasks as our day passes by, and get real rewards and prizes for it.

Red Bull Mission Control is one such great app that has been introduced by the very famous Red Bull Company. It is basically a social game that encourages the users to participate in challenging tasks and activities anytime of the day. This product is also integrated with different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Four squares. The games and challenges in Red Bull Mission Control are designed according to the place and the other details that the user is prompted at the time of playing, so it is more specific to each one of them.


When you play Red Bull Mission Control, the rewards will be like winning the limited edition collection of any specific collections specified by the company, winning passes and VIP tickets to the games. This app was launched just before the launch of the 2012 X Games, in a way the customers will be encouraged to participate and win prizes; it is a way in which they can build the brand loyalty integrated with the daily activities of the people.

You can participate in this game by using the camera, compass, playlists and you will be competing with the agents all through the world, you can play the game individually or also in teams. The game has 10 levels of both individual and team missions. The players will be evaluated based on how many missions they can compete and the time limit will also be taken into consideration. The app calculates the points every week for a person to be in the Leader Boards, so there is a chance that you can be a top agent every week.

You have to register using Facebook and the app will verify your identity. Then, it will generate the missions based on your location. The missions will be very simple at the initial levels such as ‘make a red bull run’ (i.e. you have to go to the nearest shop which sells Red Bull and take a picture), or you have to use your compass and take a snap of anything weird that has been mentioned and many more interesting things like that. When you complete each level you will earn points, the game is very interesting which uses great concept and makes everyone to move out of their places to play a game, than just to be stuck in the chair.

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