MetaTrader 5 – A Perfect Trading Solution

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MetaTrader 5 – A Perfect Trading Solution

For all the financial experts and investors, Metaquotes App developers had developed an app called Meta Trader and just a few days back, we had reviewed Meta Trader 4. The reviews were mostly positive and it has been a huge success in the market. Whether it is its easy to use interface or clean design, the app is a great relief for the investors who cannot operate their PCs all day long. But there were some flaws too. That’s why; the developers have launched a new version of the app. Let’s take a look at the new features and see, if it can overcome the success of its predecessor or not.

Meta Trader 5 is an iOS app which works on a trading platform. It is a free app. But as we have just reviewed Meta Trader 4, we will point out some of the major differences among the two. The first difference is that it works on the Meta Trader 5 platform with respect to MT 4. Other than that, there are some additional features this time in charts which are quite beneficial for experts and analysts. The rest is almost same. Therefore, the plus points of the previous app also apply to this version. With real-time interactive charts, it allows you to analyze the market conditions with 30 most popular indicators like Accelerator Oscillator, Money Flow Index, etc.

The user interface is clean and simple. The navigation is quite easy between the different tabs. Despite all the essential knowledge being provided, you will not find it complex or confusing to operate. Even a beginner can start trading with it immediately. But in case, you are not experienced with Forex trading, you can try your hands and practice the demo version. It allows you to invest virtual money and trade in real market conditions. Also, as compared to MT 4, this app allows you to trade directly from the app i.e. as soon as you get a beneficial update; you can directly trade with your broker. You can also track all your trading history in the History tab.

One of the major advantages of the MT 4 version is that most of the broker firms still use that platform for Forex trading. Therefore, it gives you more space to deal with. But as the new version has arrived, most of them will update to this very soon. So, that’s not a problem to be looking for.

Overall, it is a very good app. Though it is not very different from its previous version, it certainly has some advantages over the previous one like the charts and in-app trading. The app has been designed very well and it is a perfect solution for any user. It is of great functionality and perfect execution.

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