Hallo-Social Voice | Mic Check 1-2-3!

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Hallo-Social Voice | Mic Check 1-2-3!

Text messages have been the most popular subject over the last decade and the most extensively used media for communication. One of the main reasons for their popularity is fast and simple. Just type on the message and send it. The same is now being replicated in the social sites. But the true essence of chatting with someone is still missing and the missing thing has been found by the developers of the new iOS app, Hallo.

Hallo is an iOS app that is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later. Hallo is same as texting; the only additional element is your voice which redefines the whole scenario. Just tap ‘say Hallo’, record your message and send it instantly. However, the recorded message should be less than 30 seconds which keeps alive the chatting element. The app has its own social platform where you can see all the users of the community and contact them directly. You can send personal messages as well as group messages to a complete group in your account. So, whenever memories of your family strike you, just say ‘Hallo’!

Voice adds that extra ‘personal’ touch that you can’t find in any of the text messages. Also, emotions and feelings can’t be defined with words. So, the relationships will be closer than ever and no more separation for love birds. Also, messaging is a part of social activity. So, it would be incomplete without the social element. You can post your voice messages on Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can follow celebrities on the Hallo platform and keep updated with their latest public messages.

The graphics of the app are very engaging. A neat and clean user interface with a social platform of its own for the Hallo users packs a punch. It’s like a sure shot for today to have a social element in your app. Most of the users are always waiting for such an opportunity and grab it readily.

The app is completely free and doesn’t aboard any advertisements as well. So, you will never pay for a text message again. But it is also a fact that the voice messages are only possible between two users having the same application. This restricts the wide range of usability of the app. At least there should have been an option to email it to someone personally.

Overall, the app is nice. Features are limited but the inbuilt social community takes it to a higher level. As the no. of users increase, the worth of the app will increase for you. And as it has been downloaded in over 100 countries, there is no point of having an empty room. If you are a social junkie, this app is for you.

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