Cinderella 3D Popup Fairy Tale – Dreams in Your Hands

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Cinderella 3D Popup Fairy Tale – Dreams in Your Hands

I still remember those days when I used to read the fairy tales and it was almost impossible for me to sleep without hearing a bed time story by my mother. It was like watching a dream with open eyes. There were many stories like ‘little red riding hood’ or ‘The Jungle House’, but no doubt that “Cinderella” is still recognized as one of the most memorable stories ever which is also famous in main stream cinema. But as the time passed, memories get lost. When I figured out this app, it was the flashback time!

We are talking about the new android app, Cinderella 3D Popup Fairy Tale. The app has been developed by Cluepoint to target the audience in age group of 3-9. It comes in both versions, free and the paid one. While the free version has limited content, the paid one comes with a forty two page long story book which is priced at $0.99. This app is an interactive story book with popup images and 3D animations. With touch and slide controls, your kid is supposed to help the Princess to complete various tasks. The different tasks may be to clean the floor or finding the owner of a slipper. With a no. of different chapters, it assures your child for a considerable amount of valuable time.

The app is very intuitively designed for little kids with simple controls so that even they can operate it without any confusion. There are many different characters and the colorful elements rise up the display value. With enchanting music being played on the background, the story reading experience just gets awesome. 3D rotation of popup images and scenes makes your child feel of a real story session being going on.

This is obviously an app you should look forward to. The developers have taken out all the limitations of the actual storybook very carefully keeping all other elements intact. With touch and glide controls, popup images and tasks, the interaction becomes more between the child and the story. Also, you can opt to choose whether you want to read the story by yourself or let the in-app narrator read it for you. This is helpful for a bed time story when you want your child to sleep hearing the story by side.

But we doubt if this app would work for the specified age group of children i.e. we consider it to be helpful only for children up to 5 or 6 years. After that, the kids are wise enough to ignore this stuff. There is just one big story for now. There should be some more stories designed in order of increasing intellectual level such that when you complete the first, only then can you go to the second. Though it would be difficult to prepare all that stuff, but only then can you ask for all the children to abide by the rules. Also, the developers are working on some more stories to come.

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