Microsoft Surface: iPad Killer? Finally, a tablet which can compete with the iPad?

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Microsoft Surface: iPad Killer? Finally, a tablet which can compete with the iPad?

Microsoft has been a leader in information technology for decades and it is still the most popular OS in the world. Even the ones who are using Android powered phones will have a windows system sitting in their houses. However, with the improvement in technology, tablets have been designed in order to provide users with the features of, both, a phone and a desktop PC. Windows, in this area, has not been the strongest but will now look to improve and gain some market share after the release of its highly anticipated tablet, the Microsoft Surface. Android tablets have never been a major threat to Apple and the iPad, however, some analysts claim that this upcoming tablet might just be the tablet which could challenge Apple’s successful iPad. Microsoft Surface vs the iPad, which is the better tablet? This is the question which many users are asking.

Unveiled in June, the Surface tablet looks really good and even though most of the features are unknown, along with the price, this tablet could be the major challenger for the iPad. Windows is an operating system which almost everyone knows how to use and it might not offer some attractive features, but the OS is certainly liked by many. From businessmen to students, the Windows OS is widely used all over the world due to the ease that it provides.

Apple’s 9.7 inch high resolution display provides a very clear and attractive display; however, this will be challenged by the HD 10.6 inch screen of the surface tablet. Apart from that, the size and the weight is almost the same and users won’t have any problems switching to the surface tablet in terms of portability and weight.

Most features are still unknown, however, there is a high possibility that the Surface will be able to connect with Microsoft computers and the Xbox 360. If the tablet is designed in order to connect with other Microsoft devices, then this will give a major boost in the sales of the surface tablet. iPad does not have any such feature and as most people have Windows powered computers, getting the surface tab will be the ideal choice.

The keyboard which is integrated with the cover also makes the Surface tablet a lot better than the iPad. There are several iPad covers available in the market, however, most of them are not as solid and come off easily. The cover, which comes with the surface tablet, users will be able to get a good grip while enjoying a new type of keyboard. This new keyboard will be the alternative to onscreen typing. If the keyboard works out well, in terms of speed and ease as Microsoft claimed, then Apple will need to implement something new. This cover, alone, could help Microsoft gain much of the market for tablets.

iPad or Surface? The answer to this will not be clear until proper specs of the surface tablet are released. However, Microsoft has done a lot of work and they have focused a lot on minor details including the style. The surface shouldn’t be regarded as just another tablet claiming to be an iPad killer but it can be regarded as the newest tablet which has the potential to do what Android tablets couldn’t do.

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