Baby Names by Bounty: A Contribution by Apple for Your Extended Family

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Baby Names by Bounty: A Contribution by Apple for Your Extended Family

You are yet to welcome your new family member or it has just arrived. Things are far too exciting that what you thought. Before the birth it is taking care of the mother during her pregnancy and then keeping a close watch on her during her labor. Another tiresome aspect of the after effects of baby making is deciding on a name for your child, which she will carry on for the rest of her life. Understanding the difficulties of the new parents Apple has launched a new App that can help them decide baby names by Bounty. This special application designed for the brand new parents is convenient to use on your iPhone. With trendy yet catchy names in store you get the best one for your baby.


  • One of the reasons of this app being so popular is that it has been designed and updated by technical experts who believe in speaking statistically correct data too. Many surveys have been conducted in hospitals and nursing homes by the distributors of this app, the net result is delivered. You are actually paying for something that’s worth it.
  • The best part of the database of this app is that it has some remedial solutions for parents too.
  • It shows light to the parents by showing them the easy and small steps and some pre-designed results of other new parents who have overcome this problem.

  • It has top hundred pre loaded names of the year, which may be pretty helpful to the new parents as it will save time.
  • The app also allows you to view all the top names near your locality, so parents who are wishing to give their child an uncommon name, can abide by this app without having second thoughts.
  • It can also search and provide the meanings of names and their origins in almost no time.
  • Also finding suitable middle names is not a problem anymore. You can do that very easily by following similar easy steps.
  • There are constant updates about the names, so you need not be worried about tasting the stale bread.
  • It gives you the names of boys and girls separately and also allows you to take screenshots of every other detail that you need.
  • The app displays names in an A-Z format, and hence you can straightaway jump to your choice if you already have had a preference in mind.

  • It enables you to share your views on baby names through Facebook, Twitter and all the popular social networking sites.
  • You can stay connected while using this app and have discussions about it and take and give a few suggestions to your friends and your followers.
  • If you have already used this app and have someone in your acquaintance who has become a new parent, you can transfer the suggestion of using this app and win accolades for action later on.


After managing all the assignments that come in handy after welcoming a new member in the family, the task of naming your child becomes quite a task. So using this app can liquidate some of your troubles and tensions. With this free application that is easy to download, understand and operate you will be able to sort the names in minutes. The unique feature and up to date result holds the key.

You can also Find more information about the baby names app.

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