Mix 2 Color – Rediscover Your ‘Picasso’ Instinct

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Mix 2 Color – Rediscover Your ‘Picasso’ Instinct

One of the best ways for ‘time out’ of this world is Painting. While some consider it as a creative way to show their inner talents, it is more likely a source of entertainment to calm your nerves and breathe the nature. On the top of it, if you are free and just moving the brush to find out something new, it is the most pleasant experience; like you are finding a chocolate key in a pool of ice-cream. And if something is entertaining, how could it be far away from your iPad for a long time!

We are talking about the new iOS app, Mix 2 Color, developed by Arsidian for iPad and require iOS 4.0 or later version. It is a drawing app; accompanying colors and lots of fun. The app has two modes; draw and color a picture. The drawing tool enables you to draw any shape or material thought you are having. With a lot of inbuilt props, your drawing becomes much easier and creative than it could possibly have. There are 3 different brushes, 12 different colors, 11 different stamps and a sponge to correct your piece of excellence.

In ‘color a picture’ mode, you are required to color a black and white picture with 5 different colors. But the actual combination requires 15 colors to be used to color the picture same as the original one. The rest of the 10 colors can be obtained by mixing the primary colors. Therefore, the painting demands some creativity as well as knowledge and offers a lot of information regarding the mixing of colors.

As it is a drawing app, it is colorful with good display combination. The graphics of the app are awesome and more oriented towards cartoon side of the picture. You get a complete drawing tool-kit on the side bars and you will feel like you are painting an actual bird that will fly at the end of the color session. With nice music playing in the background, it creates the perfect scene for a fresh mind and beautiful painting.

The app is priced at $2.99 in the App Store. The price is fairly justified with its glossy graphics and good performance. The app is purpose driven with the entertainment quotient going along at the same pace. Also, it is not for a particular age group only. You are free to create anything with your open mind and ready to color them accordingly. However, the cartoon outlook makes it more reasonable for a child.

We liked the tools and props provided in the app. Also, color combination is a very good part that is enjoyable as well as creative and takes a little time to get used to. But once it is, the coloring part is almost done and there is no more interest. Thanks to the drawing part, it keeps the sensation alive!

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