Fly Bird Free – These Cuties Are Dangerous

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Fly Bird Free – These Cuties Are Dangerous

Who doesn’t like birds? They are sweet, charming and beautiful and always bring a smile on the face. But when these good birds turn evil, we have to adjust our mind focus and counter them back. The victims in this case are some poor pigs who are being threatened by these ‘beautiful cum cunning’ birds and their food is being stolen. So, leave your sympathy for these creatures for some time being and start helping the animals to shatter away those ‘food thieves’.

The above stanza is referring to the recent android app release called, Fly Bird Free, developed by gamezen. The app features a no. of different variety of birds lined up on the branches of trees. Your mission is to fly away those words from those branches as soon as possible to avoid them to reach the food of the pigs. But as you fly them away, more will come and take their place. So, it’s a continuous process of food-keeping.

The game features two different modes-classic and puzzle. In classic mode, as you keep on flying away the birds, the levels are raised continuously. Alongside, more no. of cute little birds of various varieties keeps on adding to the total. The birds will fly only when they are paired with 4 of the same nature. You have a ‘launch bird’ at the bottom and you have to shoot it to the required target. To keep the things interesting, there are some fun items like explosive bomb and phoenix that can be used to clear up the space quickly. In puzzle mode, there are 50 different levels, out of which only one is unlocked at the start. Each puzzle has a unique combination of different variety of birds which you have to send away as quickly as you can to earn high scores, which you can check on the Rankings Table.

The app is really very addictive and once you start, it’s not easy to leave in between. The concept is original to some extent and executed very well. Also, the difficulty level is something that won’t allow you to conquer it easily. The graphics are adorable with little cute birds resembling colorful gems. The app is perfectly designed with the shooting bird at the bottom aimed at an angle, much like angry birds.

As the title says, the app is available for free in the Play Store. However, there is a paid version also available for nearly $3. It features unlimited game play in classic mode and 100 unique puzzles. But one of the main concerns in the app is that it keeps on crashing at each stage. This is a serious problem and needs to be fixed soon. Also, advertisements won’t leave you alone at any moment. It was quite irritating along with the developer’s ‘other exciting offers’.

On the whole, we liked the app only for its game play. There are many other things that need to be sorted out to make it perfect. However, the app is already very successful and in its iOS version, has been the No. 1 Apple iTunes Store game in 5 countries till date.

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