AffirME – An App that Reinvigorates Like No Other

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AffirME – An App that Reinvigorates Like No Other

If you are feeling down or out of sorts, you will need affirmation of your actions; this is where AffirME comes into play. Unlike most apps which fulfil a function or command, AffirME is one that seeks to confirm and reassure you of your actions.  It gives you meaningful quotes and assertions of what you are going through right now. It will give you inspiration when you are feeling down or aspiration when you are out of ideas. If you are feeling sad or unhappy, it will send you funny affirmations, making your day better.

At first sight, the app has a simple User Interface, like any other normal app. But do not be deceived by its appearance as the app is a treasure trove of information. Displayed with a pure white background the affirmations does not bulge out like an annoyance but integrates smoothly with the phone, commendable as other apps are too eager to introduce bright colors to the screen.

A Calendar is also integrated into AffirME, where you will be able to ask the app to send you affirmations during different times of the day. For example, if you are working a late night shift during Thursdays, you can use the app to notify you any affirmations during the dead of the night. Another great and interesting function is AffirME’s social media integration. If you know of a friend who needs moral support or help, you can use the app to send to him messages of affirmation through twitter or Facebook.

Registration of the app is simple and beneficial where after registering, you will be able to share this app across all of your Apple platforms, like the iPad or iPod Touch.

By encouraging you, this app is trying to reach deep down into your soul with its words. Every day the app will update with a new affirmation and you are able to favorite the ones you love the most by pressing on the star button on the top right of the screen. Affirmations and quotes are derived from famous people too, so that you will be able to know who said it.

The app is also free for a limited 21 days, meaning you will not need to pay anything for those 21 days. Nonetheless, after that time period, you will need to foot a bill of $3.99 for a year’s subscription which is less than a cent a day for the year. However, even though this app does perk you up, it does not have such a big impact on your life. Quotes and affirmations do not change a man; actions and belief does. So it will not be depending on this app for you to make a concise change, but it will depend on yourself.

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