Storganeyes – A Permanent Store for Your Worries

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Storganeyes – A Permanent Store for Your Worries

Imagine a situation when you are late to office and as soon as you reach the parking, the keys are missing. Then you frustratingly come back to home searching here and there at all the places you could think of but all in vain. That’s every household’s situation and that’s when we realize that time is money. But it’s not the right time to learn the moral of the story with your boss calling up. Then what will you do? A wise man would open his Apple device, tap on Storganeyes and find the keys. Simple and easy; that’s what we call smartness!

If you are still shaking your head of what happened in that last line, it was the magic of the new iOS app, Storganeyes that has been recently launched in the App store. Storganeyes is an organizational app that keeps the track of all your belongings including anything from a key to your important documents; just anything and the size doesn’t matter. The app takes you through a simple procedure to enter the location of your items so that later, it doesn’t take your precious time to find it.

The app consists of four storage sections in the starting; attic, storage, garage and add space depending upon where you want to store your items. To start with, just tap the preferred storage space and select a suitable room layout. When finished, you can create any item with a name and an optional image, which can be loaded from the library or taken on the spot. Then, just drop that item similar to the location of the actual item in your room and finalize it. For example, if your shoes are located on the south-west of the room, place the item correspondingly in the same direction.

Also, there is another feature of bins which can be used to store up to five different items to save up all the similar items at the same location. Adding a bin is sheer fun. After opting to add a bin, choose separate colors for the base and the lid of the bin out of a no. of decorative choices. Once done, finalize the location. A very smart search tool allows the users to find an item by just typing the name. A no. of suggestions appears with the same name and the location. As you select one of them, the app takes you to that item with a red pin marking it on the screen. So, finding your belongings is just a matter of seconds.

Though the app is very easy to operate and offers a wide no. of choices whether it is the color combination, but it still feels that it could have been a little simpler. The layout of the room is not perfect always and also, the directional location is also a little odd. However, the smart search feature caters a lot of help and makes the job a lot easier.

The app has a regular price of $1.99 though for a limited edition, it is being available for $0.99. So, unless you don’t have reminded clock fitted inside your brain, this app is for you.

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