Blackjack 21+ Free Casino : The Perfect Gambling Machine

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Blackjack 21+ Free Casino : The Perfect Gambling Machine

Have you ever visited a casino or watched the movie “Casino Royale” installment of the James Bond franchise. If yes, then you must know something about Blackjack. The card game is very popular and mostly considered ‘a rich gambling’ because of the heavy bets being placed on the table. With mostly intense environment around the table, the game starts with two cards at the start with around 6-8 players and then can take any turn according to their luck. The dealer in the middle shuffles and distributes the cards. But it would be harsh to call it completely your fate; in fact you must have realized this after watching the strategies James Bond played. So, if you are eager to try your hands on but don’t belong to a Royale family to pay for, just launch any of your iOS devices and try your luck there.

We are talking about the new iOS app, Blackjack 21 + Free Casino-Style Blackjack Game, developed by Smash Atom Software. We recently reviewed one of their apps, Born to be Rich Slot Machine, which was quite good and received positive reviews and has been very successful in the market. You can check out for that one too. But let’s just limit our discussion to their new app. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later version. It is another addition to their casino games and follows the same path of excellence.

The main features of the app include all the real-game options such as hit, stand, double down, split, surrender as well as insuring the dealer’s Blackjack. Apart from these traditional ones, the game allows you to play 3 hands simultaneously. So, you won’t have the time to even try to look someone other’s hand in between. The game of course is not a real gambling game but offers you virtual money to play with. You start with 10,000 points at the start and can reach millions just after a few shots of success. However, even if you lose all your money, just reset and get back to 10,000 points for a fresh start. There are limits on tables and bets so that will struck off to higher amounts as you reach higher levels. You can also unlock new tables as you continue your winning streak!

If you want, the game can also count on your stats to keep you in track with your performance. There are a total of 19 stats to measure including points played, points won, average bet, dealer blackjack, etc. But to ensure that beginners don’t find themselves in a confused state of mind, there is a hint option which suggests the next step to hit, stand or double down. This way, new players can easily learn the tricks and strategies and play like an Ace player.

The graphics of the game distinguish the game apart from any other iOS casino app. They are beautiful, sharp and composed of every minute detail. The app is universal for any iOS device and you won’t find it difficult to play on any display, no matter what’s the size. You can easily change the tables’ felt colors and switch between different table stakes limits. With authentic sound playing in the background, it really gives you a “Bond” experience.

The game allows sharing scores with Facebook and Twitter friends. You can unlock Game Center Achievements and compare your high scores with other players online on Leaderboards. The game is available for free in the App Store but you can upgrade to full version for $2.99 and you can also buy points via in-app purchases.

Overall, it was a treat to play the game with such lively graphics. There is no need to recommend, we already have!

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