Vector HD iPad Game : Run Till Your Breathe Dies

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Do you know what “Parkour” is? It is a type of free running practice involving some disciplines and often considered a part of the military training. You must have seen in films a person moving with bullet speed and at the same time crossing the roofs with some long jumps and exhibiting some nice freestyle moves. But then you must have seen that he is being chased by a group of gang members. Whatever the end may be, we are only focused on the skills of the practitioners. It requires a lot of practice and mastering on the art. But if you don’t want to lose that much sweat, read on.

We have here the new iOS app, Vector HD that has been developed by Nekki. The app is iPad specific and requires iOS 3.2 or later. It is a parkour themed action packed arcade game that involves lot of free running and cat-mouse chase. You are the runner climbing multi-story buildings and jumping off the cliff while battling out the small obstacles with some special combat moves.  But you’re not alone; a guy will be constantly chasing you at the same pace as you or even better who is like a perfectionist in the field. So, while moving fast you have to make ensure that you don’t get caught or of course, fall off the cliff.

There are many locations available to you as the play area like Downtown, Construction Yard which further open up into many different stories nearly 40+ each. You have to keep running while jumping and sliding down the obstacles. But remember not to get slow down at any point otherwise you’ll be caught by the man chasing you.

The real essence of the game is justified by real-life mechanics, awesome graphics, animations and lots of tricks to clear the obstacles. There are more than 100 moves like Jump Tumble, Thief Vault, Back Flip, Obstacle Vault, Bar Jump, Triple Swing etc. You can buy them from the Store in exchange of the coins you have earned so far. There are some in-app purchases also available for those coins priced at real cash value of $0.99 to $4.99. Then there are gadgets like Slow Time, Force Blaster and more which enable you to have that extra advantage over your chasing opponent. You can also buy some “Gear” accessories to decorate yourself like Scarf, hand-band, etc.

When you have so many tricks to uncover, controls must be kept simple and easy to remember so that you don’t mix up the tricks and slide down at the moment you needed to jump. The developers have paid enough research work to that and the game offers slide controls i.e. you can slide up, down or sideways to work out different moves. This makes the game lot easier and takes away the stress of controls allowing you to enjoy the game with full flow.

While the game comes at $1.99, we guess that the price is rightly placed for the content and polished finish of the game. We highly recommend you to download it now and enjoy the utmost thrill of your life. Thumbs up for this one!

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