Photo Album 2 – ‘Memories’ No More ‘Personal’

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Whether it’s a party with friends or a family event, ‘memories’ are associated and so are the ‘pictures’. But when these memories are so important, the value of these pictures is priceless. So, they are not just a part of your camera roll, instead a label of your past. That’s why, most of us take the advantage of albums where all your pictures from a single event can be placed securely and beautifully outlined. But creating albums is no more a satisfying option as a book of images is worthless till you can share them with your friends. That’s why; digital albums are now surfacing to the top and why not, they serve the same purpose with greater advantage of sharing and editing. A similar project has been undertaken by Flipping Book again, the proud developers of Photo Album.

Photo Album 2 is the new Mac app that will be released very shortly. Most of you must be familiar with Photo Album, which was moderately successful and it seems that the developers want to achieve higher this time with the second version out. Photo Album 2 works similar to its predecessor and serves the same purpose; create beautiful albums and share. Also, it uses the same flipping album tool as used previously.

First, you need to login to register on, which is the online host for the app. The website allows you to upload your photos and share them. After you are done with the sign-up, you have to name your album and then select a theme. Once you are done, you can select photos from your gallery to upload. Then, you can select any of these photos to be placed in your album.

The app offers some customization tools, but not many. You have some filters, scaling and rotating tools. Of course, you can move the photos on your album page to get the right arrangement. The themes are average but not so superb that we could boast upon. Though, there is a separate theme store available with more and better themes but are costly as well and you have to loosen up your pockets additionally for them.

If everything is alright till now, the main features are disappointing. First, free version gets you 100 pages of album which are more than enough. But even if you upgrade it to the pro pack, you get only 300 pages with 1 free theme for 1 year. However, you can print your albums now and save them as PDF as well. The second disappointing feature is the absence of any of the sharing tools. There are no integrations with Facebook, Twitter or any other social website for sharing, which is the sole purpose of using the app. You’ll have to embed the URL of the album to Facebook, Twitter or Gmail, whatever way you want to do it.

Overall, we won’t say that Photo Album 2 has many upgrades over the previous version. Just add some more and good themes to the previous collection. We would have liked to see some changes to the interface and appearance, but there are not so many with the same design being used in this one.

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