Read to me : A Story for Your Dreams Every Night

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As a kid, I always used to ask my dad to read me a story before I go to sleep and lost deep inside those deep dreams. Fortunately, my dad was there for me every night to complete my wish. But every other child is not so lucky to have his parents with him during his childhood days. While some are serving for the military, some serve for a MNC and have to take off regularly from one place to another. Then the child has no option than to sleep alone without a goodnight kiss. Your mother is there but can’t take the place of your loving dad. Then, what’s the solution? Of course, your dad can’t take you with him during all his journeys. Another idea is to keep his voice with you while he’s away. Sounds interesting!

Read to Me is a new iOS app that has been released recently by the developer Read to Me. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later version. We said to “keep his voice”, but how? Recording is the obvious way to do that but a recorded voice can’t take place the joy of listening to your father especially when he used to fantasize those stories with some weird facial expressions that were appreciated by you with loud clapping. So what’s cooking exactly?

The developer has built a nice concept to make sure your child is happy and the app can take the position of your dad quite satisfactorily. First, you choose a name for the story. You can also select a cover page for it. Then, go to the first page and start the recording. But make sure that you record it like you’re reading it to your child. Otherwise, it will be a dull boring story. So remember that no matter how good the app is, it’s up to you to make it exciting enough for your child. Coming back to the story, after recording for the first page, select an appropriate image suiting the story. You can also click an image with an illustration by you or your son to make it more interactive. After you are done, you can record for more pages and if the story is completed save it on your device.

There is a preloaded story of Croaky and Snappy available on the app that has been recorded by the developer himself. The story gives you an idea of how to setup the whole thing. The app has been nicely designed with a little child-ish-ness in its graphics. The controls are very simple and can be used by a 2 year child very sweetly.

Read to Me is available for $0.99 in the App Store. We recommend the app to every parent who is mostly out of the town and whose child is waiting for his dad to come and read him a bed time story.

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